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Amazing Architectural Model Making Projects in Vietnam by RJ Models

Introduction of RJ Models:

The urban development in Vietnam has been surging in years since the prominent cities are noted to be some of the most visited cities in the world.

Vietnam’s urbanization has grown rapidly since the past three decades and is notable in their major cities, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi City.

The need for developments in Vietnam has attracted architects all around the world.

In order to proceed with their project, these architects should convince its clients, organizations, and the government in their proposal.

One way of presenting these plans is through architectural models, which is the expertise of RJ Models, a veteran company in creating architectural scale models.

RJ Models is a model making company in Vietnam, assisting architects in the country in numerous projects.

Their collaboration reaches internationally and is a helping hand to international architects.

Being one of the architectural model makers in Vietnam, RJ Models can be of assistance to your projects.

The company is built with a team of 765 staff, working together to bring the highest-quality models for its clients.

Saigon Port Master Plan Model by SOM

Scale: 1:500                                    Size:  2600mm x1800mm                            Production Time:  14 Days

A new design concept by SOM will be deployed to improve the port areas of Vietnam, specifically District 4.

The current ports are planned to be moved, and then turn the Saigon riverside into a mixed-use city with numerous structures for living spaces and businesses.

One distinct development this master plan has to offer in the construction of a bridge connecting District 4 to District 2.

The team of RJ Models brought the concept to a physical representation through this city planning model.

RJ Models created the structures using 3D printing, capturing the details of each building.

Although the structures retain the material color, each of them is polished to have a smooth surface.

The 3D printed structures retained the white plastic look to achieve a unified style throughout the scale model.

Furthermore, RJ Models created the river surface with a smooth and clear texture to produce reflections of the towering structures.

This technique produces mirror-like imagery on the water's surface, projecting inverted images of the structures.

Golden Hill City Planning Model in Vietnam by SOM

Scale: 1:1250                                 Size: 3200mm x 3200mm                            Production Time: 3 weeks

Conceptualized by SOM, this residential master plan was developed to address the flood risk in a community near Danang City, Vietnam.

This scale model is a representation of 375 hectares land areas along the Cu De River.

SOM executed a series of stormwater strategies in order to preserve the natural landscapes and watercourses.

Also, the design considers the ecological development in the zone even with residential areas and business zones.

Moreover, designated areas for education, sports like scale model yachts and leisure are allocated strategically in the community.

To provide a physical visual of the area, RJ Models created this scale model as a massive 3200x3200 mm replica.

This model showcases the whole master plan and the surrounding geography.

RJ Models have restored the landscape accurately and structures in the community using computer software and geographical data.

With this model, future plans and developments can be located strategically with ease.

Office Building Model in Vietnam by ARQ

Scale: 1:1000      Size: 800mm x 1400mm      Production Time: 14 Days

World-renowned architectural firm ARQ developed a concept of an office building in Vietnam.

RJ Models created an office building model for this plan to give its physical representation.

The tower is designed with a sloped balcony to provide a larger space.

With this, the balcony can be enjoyed as a viewing area of the landscape around the tower.

The surrounding structures are also created using precise manufacturing methods, however, no additional details were placed.

The landscape was also carved with landmarks such as roads, pathways, and water bodies for reference.

This wooden architectural model facilitates to relate the spatial connections and confrontations between buildings.

RJ Models have created this model in wood for easier production, as this aims to verify the towers in relation to the landscape.

RJ Models have prepared this in a fast turnaround, despite being a large replica in 1:1000 scale.

Office Building Model, The One, in Vietnam by ARQ

Scale: 1:200      Size: 950mm x 1200mm      Production Time : 21 days

Another design by Arquitectonica, The One is a mixed-use development located at the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

This world-class structure will stand 224 meters tall and will provide a home for a 250-room hotel, deluxe offices, and luxury apartments.

To connect the towers together is a multi-level podium built in between, housing retail stores and other commercial establishments.

These towers will define the skyline of Ho Chi Minh and are integrated into the city’s urban landscape and scale model trees.

In the heart of the city, The One will rise and represent Vietnam’s two symbolic dragons.

RJ Models have created a breathtaking replica of this unique architecture, capturing the fine details and the towers’ unique design.

Aside from the towers, the modelers created the scene in the landscape to be realistic, representing the busy streets of the city.

To do this, RJ Models utilized lighting to portray the bright and lively atmosphere of the landscape.

Atkins Project Master Plan Model in Vietnam

Scale: 1:500      Size: 1200mm x 1200mm      Production Time : 21 days

The Landmark 81 is currently the tallest building in Vietnam and is developed by the country’s largest real estate company, Vinhomes.

A design by international Architectural firm Atkins, this tower is also the 14th tallest building in the world.

Completed in 2018, the tower lives up to its name being a notable landmark not only because of its height but also its distinct Neo-futuristic features.

Moreover, Landmark 81 is located strategically located at the heart of Vinhomes Central Park.

A mixed-use development, the tower comprises a hotel, apartments, retail spaces, and a Skydeck observatory at the highest floors.

Architectural model makers,  RJ Models created this model to feature Landmark 81 surrounded by the urban area.

At 1:500, the structure stands in the middle and is lit to contrast the surrounding developments in the landscape.

The team of RJ Models has created this model to feature the landmark structure which can be seen by viewers at a glance.

Dalat Project Master Plan Model in Vietnam by HOK

Scale: 1:500      Size: 2000mm x 1600mm      Production Time : 1 month

Known to be a go-to tourist attraction, Dalat City is a popular destination in the southern area of Vietnam.

The area has a unique and natural atmosphere, with a cooler climate as compared to all of Vietnam.

From that, Dalat City has been known as the “City of Eternal Spring.”

The architectural style in the city is of a low-scale type structure, enhancing the peaceful ambiance of this tourist spot.

In order to achieve and preserve the city’s theme and feel, the master plan executed to create the public and private spaces to be complementing each other.

The Arrival Plaza, located to the southmost part of the city, serves to welcome its visitors into the city.

To express the warm ambiance of this attraction, RJ Models created a vibrant model of the city.

Through lighting, the scale model is showcased in a warm atmosphere, while providing the locations of each section.

The model shows how the master plan has laid out the structures.

The taller buildings border the city, while the villa climbs the hillsides.

To unify every aspect of the project, the parks are seen to link continually throughout the site.

Office Building Bank Model in Vietnam

Scale: 1:150      Size: 1600mm x 750mm      Production Time : 24 days

Showcasing Hanoi as an international financial center in Vietnam, Foster+Partners built their very first project in Vietnam: The VietinBank Business Center.

RJ Models features this towering 365m structure, standing tall as a gateway to Hanoi.

These towers are located close to the airport and the city center.

More than the bank’s headquarters, this property is a mixed-use development that includes residence and leisure spaces.

The taller tower, a 68-story building, comprises VietinBank’s headquarters.

On the other hand, the smaller 48-story tower houses a hotel and apartment units. Also, at the bottom levels, both towers are connected by a seven-floor podium where cafes and restaurants are located.

The most unique and notable characteristics of this development are the V-shaped peaks of the towers.

The sheared area is showcased as it faces the city on either side.

Moreover, these towers are constructed from a triangular footprint and rise up with a bracing spine.

This design utilizes ventilation in the buildings.

This model is such a scale shows the skill of RJ Models to create highly-detailed and accurate models.

29 NDC Project Residential Model in Vietnam by HKL

Scale: 1:50      Size: 800mm x 1800mm      Production Time : 21 Days

Known as the Marq, this high-rise residential tower features modern architecture mixed with natural elements.

Built at the heart of District 1 in Ho Chi Minh City, this development offers 515 residences, including condominiums and penthouses.

Standing tall in a prime location, the structure is located close to amenities for its residents.

The convenient location provides easy access to spots such as the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Reunification Palace.

RJ Models, with their years-long experience in modeling, creates a scale model making of this luxury destination.

A 1:50 architectural model requires great detail.

A team of modelers utilized various modeling methods to create each part and assemble them into this 800x1800 mm model.

To make the model more realistic and interesting, the modelers included LED lights and distributed and wired them into the model.

They made placements of warm-colored LED lights to mimic the lighting of the rooms and spaces.


Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, has been booming in the field of tourism.

With this, the growth for urban development is a necessity to be able to accommodate its visitors.

Aside from urban development, the developers should consider balancing structures and natural elements in urban planning.

The architectural design companies and developers paved the way through these projects.

With the help of RJ Models, their visions are replicated as models and will spark interest and appreciation from their clients.

With their massive experience in creating scale models, RJ Models is a reliable architectural modeler in Vietnam, as well as in 98 countries and growing.

Founded in 1995, the company has been creating models for 24 years, delivering the best architectural models building and providing services on an international scale.

You can rely on the company to deliver the best quality models in a tight deadline in consideration for your budget.

With the large team of experts, RJ Models will also serve you with the best customer service.


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