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Amazing Architectural Model Making Projects in Russia by RJ Models

Introduction of RJ Models:

RJ Models, providing architectural model building service company in Russia with the highest quality.

RJ Models have been working on model making for 20 years with international architectural design companies.

The experience of RJ Models is vast, having over 700 models created per year. Their vast experience is similar to the vastness of Russian Architecture.

Russian Architecture has distinct characteristics, however, it has varied and grown through time. Historically, Russian architecture is rooted in the use of wooden materials. The Byzantine style has then influenced Russian Architecture.

The use of bricks and floral design was also dominant as designs in building facades. After World War II, the ‘cookie-cutter’ style buildings have become a prominent image to Soviet Architecture.

After restrictions regarding height and design were lifted, architecture in modern Russia flourished. Russian architecture has then adapted modern architecture with the development of the country.

1.  The Ritz Carlton Hotel in Moscow

Scale: 1:100                                    Size:  1800mm x 1600mm                            Production Time:  3 weeks

Designed by Architectural firm Capital Partners, this luxurious five-star hotel blends into the cultural and business center of Russia.

The Ritz Carlton Hotel features 65 suites in its 334 room capacity.

The hotel is an attraction at the center of Moscow, providing a view of the Kreml and the Red Square.

The views can be seen from the Rooftop O2 Lounge, one of the distinguishing amenities of this hotel.

Architectural Model Company RJ Models made a building model of Ritz Carlton Hotel on a 1:100 scale.

The modeling team detailed the building’s external walls manually, defining the sawtooth-like details of the facade.

Moreover, the modelers also took the challenge of showcasing the grand entrance of the hotel.

They have brought in details to a major feature of the Ritz Carlton hotel model.

With its elaborated retro design and concept, the Ritz Carlton Hotel displays a grand and enchanting view in the city’s center.

2.  Pulkovo Airport Model, St. Petersburg

Scale: 1:500                                 Size: 1750mm x 1300mm   x 900mm                          Production Time: 3 weeks

The St. Pulkovo International Airport, the third-largest airport in Russia is a development inspired by St. Petersburg’s landscape.

The similarity with St. Petersburg is seen with the islands and connecting bridges, creating the distinct interconnected bridges.

This development is a unified project by Grimshaw Architects, Pascall+Watson, and Ramboll.

For the architects, the master plan is a representation of the heritage and climate of St. Petersburg.

The terminal roof is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions in the city, especially the heavy snowfalls.

RJ Models made this airport model in an abstract approach. With the use of a mirror as a base plate, the reflection portrays a taller height of the model. The interconnected plates are also obscured in this approach.

The modelers used frosted resin in the block building so as to provide an uninterrupted view in all areas of the model.

This massive model exactly represents the airport, which is expected to cater to 17 million passengers every year.

3.  Russia- Al Maabar, Morocco

Scale: 1:500      Size: 2600mm x 2000mm      Production Time: 3 weeks

The Bab Al Bahr Master plan in Morocco is an urban development continued by Abu Dhabi Developer Al Maabar.

This is a mixed-use development under a total area of 292,00 sqm. This includes around 1,700 residential units and more than 1200 sq.ft. for commercial and office use.

Internationally-known architects Foster+Partners designed the project which was built and completed in 2015.

Aside from the residential spaces, the development includes hotels, guesthouses, art galleries, and museums.

RJ Models modeled the urban development in a 1:500 scale, appropriate for master plan models.

Despite the massive scale, the modeling team included small details that bring the model into life.

The lighting in the city planning model is also one element that makes it a unique masterpiece.

The modelers installed LED lights in different color temperatures accurate to the scenery.

Lights were also placed on the shoreline to provide contrast and emphasis on the green parks and the warm-lighted community.

For final touches, our yacht model makers detailed the water body with yachts and marina models which gives life and feel of luxury to the model.

4.  Rotate Tower Model in Moscow

Scale: 1:500      Size: 2600mm x 2000mm      Production Time: 3 weeks

The Rotating Tower in Moscow is a vision of Italian Architect Dr. David Fischer.

The design concept will one of the dynamic buildings that will change its shape every moment.

This 70-floor building will be set as the second Dynamic Tower, after the first one planned for Dubai, UAE. This skyscraper will have individually-spinning floors with turbines between the stories.

The rotating floors will be constructed from fabricated parts, instead of being constructed on-site.

The core will be the only static part and will serve as the axis for the rotating floors.

Relying on self-produced power, the power required comes from the wind turbines and installed solar panels. The power produced not only powers the building but also contributes to the city’s power.

To showcase this innovative concept, RJ Models built a scale model for this skyscraper.

In building the office building model, the team paid attention to the modeling process to form an accurate and sturdy build.

This is to prevent small misalignments and cover for adjustments as it is built to the top.

RJ Models also modified the materials in order to create curved surfaces, as seen on the variations on each floor.

We can see the dedication of RJ Models in this design, utilizing innovative equipment and manual techniques.


To help showcase an architect’s skill, the use of software renders, architectural rendering and plans on paper is a common tool.

To immerse the customers further, a physical model will help showcase a project better.

Among the architectural model makers in Russia, RJ Models has the greatest experience in model making in various scopes.

RJ Models are capable of creating highly-detailed models, conceptual models, and massive master plan models.

Model making since 1995, the company has grown a lot of experience in the field.

RJ Models have developed several techniques with 3DR Models after working with various projects.

Moreover, they have adapted to use innovative equipment, improving efficiency.

Still, they combine manual skills they find effective in creating distinct details.

Serving 98 countries, RJ Models has an extensive team with members from different countries to communicate and cater to your needs.

RJ Models can deliver the best for your needs according to your budget over a tight deadline.


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