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Amazing Architectural Model Making Projects in France by RJ Models

Introduction of RJ Models:

RJ Models provides model making services to local clients in China, Asia and all over the world.

And we are proud that our elite teams have worked with world-leading architectural firms in France over the years.

The French culture and history bought out RJ Models’ hidden passion for architectural model making.

Considering the elegance and romance of French architecture, RJ Models reproduced every design elements with high-level accuracy.

Effiel Tower Rjmodels

Our modelers painted and finished each scale model made for French company cautiously, to create a wonderfully life-like display effect.

Utilizing various materials, together with traditional craftsmanship and advanced digital manufacturing techniques, RJ Models makes any kinds of model.

To ensure the ultimate precision and quality of the models, RJ Models involved the French clients from early producing stage.

And our modelers kept regular communication with them throughout the whole fabrication process.

So far, RJ Models has created plenty of artistic scale models for architectural design companies for France.

These architectural scale models bring unparalleled credibility to the projects as they remarkably bring the abstract idea to life.

Eiffel Tower Model in Scale 1:110

  • Scale: 1: 110
  • Size: 692mm x 692mm
  • Production Time: 60 days

This is the architectural model for Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, under the requirement of RJ Models’ top client, Forster + Partner.

The whole model is made of copper, which is a technically demanding material.

The copper adds extremely difficult to crave, connect, polish, and install compared to the plexiglass and other materials.

Because of its brittle characteristic, copper sheets are difficult to bend, so RJ Models’ model building makers make this model by cutting thousands of tiny pieces and then assemble them according to the drawings.

Although the scale is 1:110, the details of the tower are still demonstrated in a very clear and exquisite way, from its steel truss structure to the pattern of railings on each platform.

This custom-made material shows its extraordinary feature in the model and the Eiffel Tower model will become a long-lasting artwork.

Carre D'art Du Nimes Museum Model

  • Scale: 1: 100
  • Size: 1000mm x 1500mm
  • Production Time: 30 days

This is a wooden display museum model of Carre D'art Du Nimes, an art gallery in France.

The art gallery is designed by Foster + Partner, one of the first-class architectural design companies in the world.

The main material in this architectural model is wood, which is carefully selected by modelers from RJ Models, creating a natural and amiable feeling.

In this model, our architectural model makers spray the scale people and cars with a silver-gray material, echoing the color of the main building's steel structure.

In addition, low saturation green is adopted by modelers for scale trees to make them integrate into the wooden model better.

In the model making process, RJ Models keeps a continuous dialogue with Norman Forster, and the final result not only satisfies Forster but also makes RJ more experienced in making such models for France.

Ozak Gyo Site Planning Model in France

  • Scale: 1: 250
  • Size: 2800mm x 1800mm
  • Production Time: 30 days

This is a display model of a residential community in France.

The scale is 1:250, which is large enough to show a good level of recognizable detail but small enough to demonstrate the overall environment around the community.

The unrivaled seascape, large green landscape, and excellent environment condition are the main selling points of this residential building and RJ Models’ experts give enough room for them in the model.

Architectural model makers in France implement a detailed test to debug the lighting of the residential model and the lighting of the road to a balance, creating a real-life scenario.

On the “sea” of the model, modelers put several scale model yachts; along the coast, modelers install a white light strip.

These details make the whole model finer and more exquisite in France.

Beyoglu City Planning Model

  • Scale: 1:300
  • Size: 6700mm x 3000mm
  • Production Time: 60days

This is a master planning model for Beyodu in France.

The scale is 1:300, which is an ideal scale for making the whole city’s planning model.

This 6.7m x 3m master planning model takes RJ Models 2 months’ untiring work to finish.

There are thousands of tiny buildings in the city planning model, even most of them have been simplified processed, they are still quite time-consuming.

RJ Models’ experts assemble LED lights for important traffic lines, river banks and the other landmarks, which makes the vast planning model more fascinating and demonstrate the fabulous night scene for viewers.

Government planning departments can use this planning model for urban design; developers and investors can use the city planning model to conduct more effective investment and construction.

Balikesir 10 City Planning in France

  • Scale: 1:750
  • Size: 2500mm x 1580mm
  • Production Time: 30 days

This is a colossal bay model for a developing baby.

Coastal buildings, roads, public facilities, as well as offshore dams, cruise ships, yachts, and docks are all demonstrated in this tremendous model.

Even the scale is merely 1:750, RJ Models’ architectural model makers in France still able to show a surprising level of detail.

In order to restore the bay more accurately, RJ Models not only collects a large amount of relevant information but also sends a special team to take aerial photography to obtain precise first-hand data.

The final planning model is too giant to transport, so modelers divide them into multiple parts and assemble them at the destination in perfect condition.

Another noteworthy point in this model is that from shallow sea to deep sea, the modelers use a gradient blue, from light to dark, and the final scene is exceeding real.

IK-Business Planning Models in France

  • Scale: 1: 750
  • Size: 2500mm x 1692mm
  • Production Time: 30 days

This is a display model for a planning commercial street, showing the future development of the commercial district and surrounded residential buildings.

Large amounts of scale people have been assembled in the commercial street to create a prosperous scene.

The roof of the commercial street can be picked off, allowing viewers to observe the interior design and structure.

In this site model architecture, considering its special condition, RJ Models’ experts skillfully use the gray block to represent the surrounding residential buildings, highlighting the commercial street part of the model.

One of the key features of this model is the plant landscape around the commercial street.

Even the undulating design of the lawn and the greening of the parking lot are meticulously portrayed.

Despite the small scale, modelers still able to show a high level of detail of the model including, such as the clear acrylic window and warm yellow lighting.


RJ Models is well-known for producing the best scale model possible.

These fine masterpieces are not simply downsized dummies of various products.

Instead, these architectural models evoke the essence of the architectural design and leave an impressive impression on the viewers.

With high availability and adaptability, RJ Models has built up a stable cooperative relationship with many French companies.

Our highly skilled artisans take any customized model size and requirements into consideration.

And we are competent in making any kinds of architectural model building for many different industries.


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