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Amazing Architectural Model Making Projects in Denmark by RJ Models

Introduction of RJ Models:

Danish Architecture, known to be a great contributor to Scandinavian Architecture, has been prominent not only in Denmark but around the world.

From Denmark’s church buildings to the Sydney Opera House, Danish Architecture is recognized globally.

That is why our team at RJ Models bring our skills and experiences to represent Denmark’s Architecture into our architectural models.

We have worked with architects around the world to provide quality architecutal model making services, and delivering their requirements.

RJ Models is a model making company you can trust as we understand the importance of your designs.

Our architectural model building team bring you the solution to bridge your ideas to your clients.

Denmark Interior Model

Scale: 1:30                                    Size:  500mm x 600mm                            Production Time:  21 Days

This interior model by RJ Models is inspired by Danish architecture and interior design.

This presents a bedroom interior furnished with modern furniture and wooden accents.

The wooden furniture gives away the hints of Scandinavian interior design.

The muted color mat also provides a good representation of this style.

The modelers strived to present this model as realistic as possible by using various materials that represent the actual furniture.

In photos, this model closely represents an actual interior, giving a nice vision for clients for projects like this.

The lighting is also executed perfectly, as it gives off enough light to illuminate the room, and the layout of every light source is made to look as real as possible.

Each scale furniture was modeled individually, then laid out into the scale model to give the best representation of Danish interior design.

The team of our architectural model makers always carefully select materials, techniques, and methods in order to deliver detailed and accurate designs for their clients.

Denmark Industrial Model

Scale: 1:100                                    Size:  1100mm x 1000mm                            Production Time:  15 Days

This model shows a detailed look into an industrial facility in Denmark.

Scaled in 1:100, this large model illustrates the factory with complete information to guide viewers.

To indicate each area in the plant, the modelers installed buttons that activate a lighting that outlines the area to be selected.

The variety of colors in between plant areas also help the visitors to pick out one area from the other.

Several sections of the industrial building are shown in detail, such as the warehouses, the production line, offices and other storage areas within the vicinity.

The industrial plant model has great attention to detail, in terms of the actual installation replicated from the structure.

Similar to actual production plants, the scale model showcases machines along the production line, such as conveyors, motors, pipes, and wiring.

The modeling team created this industrial model to provide a simple but clear replica of the structure, giving precise information to clients for this project.

Denmark Facade Model

Scale: 1:200                                 Size: 1400mm x 500mm x 950mm                        Production Time: 14 Days

Characterized with the modernist architecture, this facade model reflects a striking Danish Architecture.

RJ Models created a scale model in 1:200 scale of a building, featuring the facade of the structure.

This model showcases only the facade of the building. With that, the model can be completed comparably quicker than other models.

In 14 days, a detailed facade model can be completed by the modelers.

This scale model includes six storeys, but gives importance to the facade itself.

This unique project by RJ Models gives a different take on reviewing architectural models, giving designers and clients a focus on building details, one at a time.

At 1:200 scale, this structure exhibits large glass windows, a distinguishing feature in Danish Architecture as well.

RJ Models also created these robust concrete columns with fine cuts and details, creating a realistic look.

To give a sense of scale, human models were also included into the structure.

The modelers also included a rooftop garden to give a touch of nature, and to provide a good contrast between the concrete and wooden columns.

RJ Models goes beyond the traditional methods in architectural modeling to help both the professionals and clients to reach their project to success.

Denmark Office Building Model

Scale: 1: 100   Size: 600mm*300mm*350mm       Production Time : 10 days

Another project rendered by RJ Models in Denmark is a unique section model of an office building.

This particular structure gives attention to the entrance of an office building.

This features hallways for an office building model.

In its simplicity, this model allows a better inspection for design of this particular part of the building.

Although it looks as straightforward as it is, the modelers completely detailed the structure with various materials.

RJ Models also utilized various technologies to cut and form each part.

The people around the structure also give a good sense of scale for clients.

With that, people can see a sense of this model, giving the model a good interpretation of iits features, like the high ceiling and the spacious entry/ exit points.

The addition of electronic lights gives a feel of professional looking structures, and gives designers an opportunity to judge the illumination based on this design.

This project from RJ Models keeps them ahead in the architectural modeling market as they give not only what the customers want, but gives them valuable options to provide what they need.


RJ Models has been known as an architectural modeler in several countries since its birth.

From years of practice and varied experience in various countries, RJ Models became a reliable modeler for big names in the architecture industry.

The modeling team uses various technologies to create these scale models using a mix of traditional and innovative materials to produce the desired result.

The modeling company can cope with the various needs of architects and designers to bridge their ideas into a presentable model that clients can appreciate.

RJ Models are the model building experts in the modeling field, capable of any customized model, whether it be by size or requirements.

Our partner, 3DR Models also will support our model making service in Middle East District for ensuring the quality of model building.

For an archiectural desgin companies in Denmark, reaching out to RJ Models will be a step closer to showcase your project and ideas.


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