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Amazing Architectural Model Making Projects in Bahrain by RJ Models

Introduction of Architectural Model Makers in Bahrain, RJ Models:

There is a very long history and abundant natural resources in Bahrain.

But it is also the first Persian Gulf country to enter the post-oil economy after the twentieth century.

In addition to the development and utilization of petroleum resources.

Bahrain has invested heavily in the finance sector and tourism market.

Thanks to the support of the Bahraini government and the strong financial strength.

So that the Bahrain enterprise groups, novel, eclectic and luxurious buildings are rapidly emerging in Bahrain.

And architects from all over the world show their creativity and imagination in Bahrain.

RJ Models provides these architects with excellent and efficient architectural models in Bahrain support to help them visualize and materialize their design concepts.

Whether it is to inspire the creativity of architects, to showcase architectural concepts in competitions.

It can clarify planning solutions to relevant government departments.

Or to show the people the blueprint for the future, exquisite models have all made outstanding contributions by architectural model makers in Bahrain.

1. Marsa Al Seef Site Model in Bahrain

  • Scale: 1: 500
  • Size: 7000mm x 6500mm
  • Production Time: 55 days

Marsa Al Seef, which stretches 1.8km and borders the Al Fahidi Historical District.

The area has a strong cultural and historical component.

And there are galleries that sell Emirati artwork and boutiques where one can admire traditional dress.

The surrounding area has been designed with an interconnected waterway system.

So it allows visitors to also have the chance to glide across the water on wooden dhows, just as first traders once did.

The Al Seef district is being developed by Meraas, whose previous developments include The Beach at JBR and Citywalk, a top leading developer in Bahrain.

This is the first time RJ Models cooperates with Meraas.

And they are very satisfied with the exquisite model made by experienced architectural model makers in Bahrain.

Since in this architectural model, the client not only wants to show the Al Seef district alone but also shows the city behind it to demonstrate the close connection between them.

RJ Models chooses the 1:500 scale to make the architectural model in Bahrain.

It can both show the entire surrounding environment and the details of buildings along the riverbank and the yacht models, etc.

There are hundreds of buildings in the architectural model.

So RJ Models use a CNC engraving machine to cut the components of each building.

It can promote efficiency and accuracy for this project in Bahrain.

For those two significant parametric designed streamlined cultural centers, architectural model makers in Bahrain pay more attention to them.

Moreover, RJ Models use 3D printing to make the semi-finished shell and then manually polished.

And RJ Model can spray to restore the texture in real life.

2. Bahrain Bay City Planning Model in Bahrain

  • Scale: 1: 1000
  • Size: 1500mm x 1500mm
  • Production Time: 21 days

In response to the vision of broad economic development in the Middle East.

And this large-scale master plan is designed by SOM to advance the development of Bahrain and its capital, Manama.

The 432,000-square-meter site consists of an island connected to the mainland via causeways and the pattern of the new district is strongly radial.

This was divided into two by a comprehensive function avenue, with the ends of the avenue ending with a grand public open space.

SOM's planning calls for a variety of buildings and supporting facilities, including residential buildings, cultural sites, hotel, and a lush park.

RJ Models makes this miniature city model with strong geometric characteristic.

It is using simplified rectangular graphics material to present the buildings, landscapes, and bridges.

Even some needed curved parts are all cut neatly with CNC engraving machines.

The architectures in that Bay are all made by white PVC and acrylic.

It is contrasting with the mass uniformed greenery and tailored coastline, conveying a pure, noble and elegant feeling to viewers.

Even the scale is 1:1000 and the production method is organic, details are not omitted or neglected.

And the cobbles by the shore, wooden decorations in the pavilion and landscape design in the park.

All it can show the elaborated model-making technology and craftsmanship.

Architectural model makers in Bahrain install various type of lights in the model to adapt to different atmosphere needs, modest warm yellow lights are assembled in those low-rise buildings while bright white lights are put in the high-rise building and cultural facilities.

3. Marsa Al Seef Model in Bahrain

  • Scale: 1: 500
  • Size: 4500mm x 4000mm
  • Production Time: 45 days

This is the master planning model for Marsa Al Seef in Bahrain, showing the blueprint of that area in the future.

Architectural model makers in Bahrain do a great deal of research before the model making process and make sure they have known adequate information about the local environment, geography, and culture, in addition to the planning technical indicator.

Despite installing lights for the building, the architectural model makers also decorate the coastline with stripe blue lights; at night, the city lit by yellow and white lights and the coast lit by blue light coupled with the lights reflected on the sea surface make the whole area like a pearl in the Persian Gulf.

Due to the vast area, the size of the green space in the architectural model is correspondingly large;

Architectural model makers cut several pieces of PVC plates according to the terrain, then colors it, and then applies a thin layer of adhesive to bonding the ground material and colored powder, and finally plant some small trees and piled bushes.

The greenery made through this process is vivid and highly efficient.

For the large sea areas, architectural model makers affix blue paper under the propylene material and add some reflective grain materials, which gives the water area a sparkling feeling.

In the production of those streamlined architects, the architectural model makers in Bahrain use sediment, gypsum or foam as the basic shape in the early stage, and then make it by one-time molding of epoxy resin and fiberglass wire, and then artificially polish them to achieve a high standard fineness.

4. Commercial Building Model in Bahrain

  • Scale: 1: 250
  • Size: 2500mm x 2000mm
  • Production Time:  2 months

The designers draw inspiration from local culture and context while pioneering the use of energy-saving strategies for high-rise office buildings in the region.

The curtain wall made of glass offers a wide view of the sea below, and the commercial street with palm trails below the building provides a first-class office environment for the office.

The building’s color scheme alludes to the natural palette of the region: the emerald-blue waters of the Persian Gulf and pale beige sand of the desert. Similarly, the pre-cast griller facade references the thick, heat-resistant walls and latticed sunscreens found in local architecture.

At the commercial street, two-story arcade shields pedestrians from the sun, dust, and wind as it provides them with a luxurious shopping place and the richly detailed, Arabesque interior spaces are bridged by glass terraces.

At night, warm yellow lights illuminate these terraces, and the structure glows with diffused light.

To increase the richness and realistic of the commercial building, several delicate sailboats are installed on the “sea” and several gray areas of the same size are made directly below those sailboats to mimic the shadows under sunshine, which also highlights the clear waters of the Persian Gulf in Bahrain.

Architectural model makers install warm yellow lights in the high-rise buildings and low-rise commercial streets while installing strip blue lights along the coastline and sketch the shape of bund and shore.

Special tree species and vegetation that conform to the tropical climate are installed around the site to give viewers a stronger sense of “immersion”.

5. Commercial Building Model in Bahrain

  • Scale: 1: 250
  • Size: 2500mm x 2000mm
  • Production Time: 45 days

Located near the coast, the design draws on the rounded form of Bahrain’s traditional fishing boats; the curved facade contains rows of deep-set exterior windows fitted with heat-absorbing white glass fins that help mitigate the intense Gulf sun.

Transoms above the windows reflect and filter ambient light into the building, taking advantage of direct sunlight while mediating heat.

The glass facades of the building capture daylight and limit solar gain through a sophisticated series of horizontal and vertical shading devices that articulate the building’s primary facades.

In order to show a client the most realistic scenes of the commercial building, the model makers take photos in the dawn, dust and noon, with the real sky as the background, and send them to designers for their reference.

To match the designer's intention and consistent with the effect of the real material, the model makers use the same steel material to make the façade; due to the excessive rigidity of the steel, it is difficult to meet the accuracy requirements by the manual cutting, so each part of them is engraved in advance by CNC engraving machine, and then assembled manually.

LED lights are installed in the commercial building and other surrounding architectures can be displayed in different combinations through the control panel and increase the richness of the model drastically.

This architectural model shows clients the exquisite craftsmanship and considerate service of RJ Models and wins a great number of commercial chances for both of them in Bahrain.

6. COM Elaf Bank Building Model in Bahrain

  • Scale: 1: 150
  • Size: 850mm x 900mm
  • Production Time: 30 days

The Elaf Bank building is one of the region’s most iconic corporate edifices in the Middle East, designed by SOM and it is divided into three parts, the office building, the reception hall, and the conference hall, as well as the sky garden and air exhibition hall; the air exhibition hall can be reached either from the office building or directly through the straight ladder in the sky garden.

The sky garden and the straight ladder form a sculptural "T".

The designers choose the traditional light brown limestone as the exterior wall material for the building, which not only reflects the local architectural style but also inherits the characteristics of limestone’s abrasive resistance character to the greatest extent.

A large number of glass curtain walls are used on the wall facing the Persian Gulf and users can experience a unique light effect among one day.

In the process of making the office building model, because the limestone is difficult to sand to the proper proportion and maintain its rigidity, architectural model makers use the cement, concrete, gravel and other materials to make the basic model, and then spray or engrave the pattern on the surface and make the final result consistent with the building.

Architectural model makers in Bahrain design a unique lighting system for the building.

In addition to the basic interior lighting (which allows the audience to see the interior structure), architectural model makers also install bright light sources on the exterior walls of the air exhibition hall and the shape of the building is fully demonstrated.

7.  Diyar Al Muhharaq Model in Bahrain

  • Scale: 1: 75
  • Size: 3500mm x 5500mm
  • Production Time: 45 days

Diyar Al Muharraq is an iconic addition to Bahrain’s north-eastern coastline.

This vast archipelago of 7 man-made islands is located off the shores of Muharraq, the Kingdom’s historic former capital.

Bustling retail centers, picturesque marinas, and tranquil sandy beaches provide dynamic community focal points that connect larger clusters of neighborhoods, which are linked throughout the islands by a network of roads, footpaths, and waterways.

This is an architectural model of a yacht club located in that area in Bahrain.

In this architectural model, the double-column sailing boat model, also known as the schooner sailing boat, is meticulously portrayed.

The mast, sling, hull and streamlined dock are all carefully scaled and light-yellow lights are installed underneath sailboat to highlight its esteem.

Unlike the previous production way of water bodies that use blue glass plates, the model makers use the glazed white plate to represent the water surface, which abstracts the water body by showing the physical properties of reflectivity and guarantee the unity and purity of the model yacht.

The dock is parametrically designed elliptical, geometrically symmetrical; model makers use 3D printing technology to make this unique base, and in order to highlight its symmetrical feature, the lightings system is also assembled in that way, and there is a strong axis wire viewed from the front.

It is also worth mentioning that the architectural model makers do not use the outwardly illuminated light in this model; all the light is refracted or diffused and leak out from the structural part of the yacht; this indirect light source has excellent performance in presenting the building’s esteem, and avoids direct glare, increasing the pleasure of viewing the architectural scale model in Bahrain.

8. Wood model for a Private villa in Bahrain

  • Scale: 1: 75
  • Size: 3500mm x 5500mm
  • Production Time: 45 days

This is a wooden architectural model for a private villa, which is designed by MAS, a famous architectural and design firm.

Model makers from RJ Models use a simple and delicate way to make this villa model and outline the front yard, the main house, and the backyard.

In this model, the only material used by the architectural model building team is 0.5 cm thick enamel boards, which have a light brown color and beautiful wood grain.

Wood is a commonly used material in architectural models, but in general, most people use it to make some decorations or add some changes on the façade; very few model makers use it to make an entire model in Bahrain.

This is because, even the texture of the eucalyptus is very beautiful, however, due to the brittleness of the wood, it is difficult to make tiny components with this material; and because the wood usually has burrs after breaking, the model makers must cut it nimbly and neatly or the entire piece will be wasted.

Even those trees planted in the garden are all made of wood materials in this model, which is quite idiosyncratic and beautiful.

Through this wooden architectural model, the designer can introduce the various designs of the house to the client, and at the same time, since the model is clean and pure, there is plenty of room for designers and customers to present their ideas and inspirations.

Warm yellow lights are installed in each room and conveying a cozy and homelike feeling to viewers.

9. Bahrain Tower Building Model by Atkins

  • Scale: 1:300
  • Size: 800mm x 600mm
  • Production Time: 4 weeks

Bahrain World Trade Center, a feat of engineering and architectural marvel proudly stands in the shores of the Persian Gulf.

Designed by a company famed for its skyscrapers in the middle east, Atkins studied wind turbines for four years.

Sublime beauty and imposing height is one thing but what makes this unique is it's powered by its own energy.

This one of a kind, state of the art vision trusted RJ Models to construe the ingenuity of the design.

And RJ Models never fails to deliver with utmost precision and speed.

Our architectural model makers used transparent, translucent acrylic and white cardboard to creatively showcase the monochromatic split funnel-shaped building.

From one advanced thinker to another, RJ Models used computer laser carving machine cutting function and other advanced technology.

This project is a testament that RJ Models’ capability is parallel to Atkins, and therefore, of the world of greats.

10. Toyota Plaza Industrial Model in Bahrain

  • Scale: 1:250
  • Size: 1800mm x 1650mm
  • Production Time: 4 weeks

Toyota Plaza Factory took flight in this oil-rich gulf, the Kingdom of Bahrain.

This leading automaker with a time tested principle will house one of a kind service and engineering complex.

Toyota’s largest hyper-advanced factory in Bahrain teases the public with its generous skylights and play of glass and light.

RJ Models’ clean, direct and precise workmanship approach in its craft interprets the architectural intent of the building.

The building’s aim of transparent communication between customers, cars and the factory is expressed by the strategic location of cars.

With an impressive 30 day production, RJ Models wittingly delivers an architectural scale model that translates the design vision.

RJ Model is not a Bahrain based architecture model maker; however, it provides services on time with a generous price.

This industry model carefully delivered to Bahrain with stable MDF pedestal is now proudly displayed in the factory’s reception room.

11. Dana at Hawar Urban Planning Model in Bahrain by HOK

  • Scale: 1:300
  • Size: 1500mm x 1500mm
  • Production Time: 30 Days

A jaw-dropping high standard mixed-used development is set to rise in the Pearl of the Persian Gulf, Bahrain.

In 2008, this third smallest nation in Asia is the world’s fastest-growing financial center establishing itself as a powerhouse nation.

Commissioned by a firm on top of their game, HOK sought RJ Models’ expertise for this project.

In a span of 30 days with an enormous 1500 x 1500 mm in 1:300 scales, RJ Models delivered with flying colors.

These architecture model makers value quality and aesthetics to assist the client in conveying their design.

This model used various materials with a varied intensity of finishes to contrast and give equal focus on each structure. The glorious sea used a semi-gloss finish translating tranquility and give distinction to the inviting sand in a flat finish.

This ambitious urban masterplan majestically showcased a scale model worthy to be called an artwork.


These architectural and master planning models are only part of the many projects that RJ Models has conducted in Bahrain and due to the sophistication and delicacy of the models, architects and companies are willing to continue cooperation with RJ for further projects.

When making Bahrain's architectural model, the unique local climatic conditions and Islamic-style architectural culture are the considerations of the architectural model building team.

Since every architectural design companies has his own expectations and ways of looking at a thing which is usually very personal, model makers have to fully understand and find a way to go beyond what they expect.

Nothing can make people really understand what a building looks like than a concretized model in Bahrain.

A variety of advanced technologies and machines are used in the architectural model making process, including LED lighting, 3D printing and computer programming that can -- for example -- enable a model to be controlled via intelligent equipment.

Even though there are a lot of automated processes, there are still exquisite manual qualities in each model and give the model soul and vitality.


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