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How RJ Models helps you make your design into

3D Printed Architectural Model

RJ Models is a world-class leader in the 3D printed architectural model making.
Our 3D printing technology is being utilized to print over 700 architectural models every year around the world for projects such as office, leisure and sport, interiors, maritime, and so on.

RJ Models consistently deliver high-quality scale 3D printed architectural models based on your requirements. And we make serious efforts to distribute client’s installations exclusively and worldwide.

You can find RJ Models to make your design come into 3D printed architectural models. We at RJ Models will assist you.

For all the clients that want to use our 3D printing services, at RJ Models we require that the following procedures are strictly considered:

Summit your requirement for quotation.

For us to provide you a quotation, we would ideally need the following comprehensive information:

  • Final design of 3D printed model can be in STL files/3D printer file/Rhino/sketch-up/3D Max/3D AutoCAD, etc.
  • Your expected scale or model size.
  • Renderings for reference (if any)
  • Delivery and installation destinations
  • Expected completion date
  • You might also select similar model photos from our website for your expected model detail standard and style
  • Any requirement such as lighting, color etc. for the 3D printed model.

If it is early in the construction process and you are unable to provide any of the information above, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

After receiving your requirements, we will create a comprehensive model spec diagram and send you our quote within 48 hours.


Receiving the project information

Check what you need to know about final design of 3D printed architectural models
If you are generating your 3D file for the first time or not, you need to pay attention to satisfy these 3 criteria.

  • The model must be “water-tight”. In ordinary terms, this means that there shouldn’t be any holes in the shell of the model. In more technical terms, the model must be “manifold” or solid.
  • Normally in the digital world, every surface has a front and a back face. This surface orientation is called a “normal”. So, make sure that your expected model’s normal are unified. If two adjacent surfaces have different normal directions, this file input may confuse the 3D printer.
  • All components of the model must have an appropriate thickness. While some 3D printing materials are capable of higher resolution and greater detail than others, trying to print geometry without any thickness will not work. This will produce an undesirable model or outcome.

The good news is that if these 3 criteria are satisfied in your 3D file, you will have a model with manifold geometry.

Model Sample Preparation & Confirmation

RJ Models also can produce a portion of the sample during the model production to determine the display effect of the entire model if you required.

Such as color match, texture and lighting effect of the 3D printed model to ensure the sample is consistent with your design philosophy.

Then continue the overall 3D printed architectural model production.

3D Printed Architectural Model Handcrafting in Progress

Our professional architectural model makers will work with you at every step of making your 3D printed architectural models.

You will regularly receive photos of their progress so that you can approve their works and provide any feedback.

We will provide you the photos of processes at every key milestone, to make sure your 3D printed architectural model is the highest-quality.

The 3D Printed Model Completes Transportation & Installation

Once our architectural model makers have concluded their work on your 3d printed architectural model, we will send it to you for review.

And as soon as we get the final approval from you, we will arrange our professional model makers to pack up the 3D printed model.

If you need to travel with the model or show it in different countries multiple times, RJ Models can be customized design and make a suitable flight case.

We have a number of cases that confirm the availability of the suitcase.

Finally, we will deliver the 3D printed architectural model to wherever it needs to be.

Contact RJ Models & we can help you to grow your business.

    Our aim is to provide a top-quality model-making service anywhere in the world.
    Ray Cheung RJ Models
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