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Amazing Architectural Model Building Company in India by RJ Models

Introduction of RJ Models:

Architectural Designers require physical scale models in India to evaluate and reveal innovative ideas of new projects.

At present, model making service in India is in growing demand.

RJ Models has a vibrant team of model makers in India providing services on various domains of architectural models.

We have created flexible platforms for information exchanging between Indian clients and our model making experts.

Being driven by clients’ requirements and rich experience, RJ Models became one of the major model suppliers in India.

And we have formed competitive advantages of providing the Indian clients with the most satisfied scale models.

Following the international standards strictly, RJ Models promise that every architectural model we manufacture has a superlative quality.

Using sophisticated materials and high-tech technologies, RJ Models has achieved the highest possible standard of model making industry.

Our pioneering architectural model making techniques enable us to produce the finest quality presentation tools in India.

These architectural models assist Indian clients in interpreting their design concepts by adding more value and enjoyments to the projects.

RJ Models's model makers in India are innovative proficiency to help the clients to present their outstanding idea.

Our specialists are able to come to Indian to complete the miniature model installation and lighting adjustments.

The repeat commissions prove that RJ Models did a satisfying job in assisting prestigious Indian clients in interpreting their visions.

Our esteemed Indian clients were appreciating us for producing superior quality scale models to embody their designs.

1. Omkar Worli Residential Model

  • Scale: 1: 75
  • Size: 3500mm x 5500mm
  • Production Time: 45 days

Omkar is a new residential project at Worli,Mumbai, by Omkar Realtors.

This ultra-luxurious residential complex feature three residential towers and equipped with bespoke amenities.

In order to impress the viewers and fully demonstrate the fine details, the architectural model scale is 1:75.

This is quite distinctive compared to the usual residential models.

Due to the large scale, the height of this model reaches 5.5m; meanwhile, the final model weighs over 600 kilograms.

Modelers equipped the model with warm yellow interior lights, white lights in colonnade, and light columns on the road.

This architectural model is placed in the center of the exhibition hall in India.

A huge electronic screen behind it that can change colors to match the lighting changes inside the model.

Client placed this model in the center of the exhibition hall in India, with a huge electronic screen behind it.

2. Omkar Worli Interior Model for India

  • Scale: 1: 25
  • Size: 1300mm x 1300mm
  • Production Time: 30 days

Worli is a mixed-use development project which would feature extravagant residences for distinguished inhabitants in a notable location in Mumbai.

Shown here is the interior representation of a typical apartment of one of the prominent luxurious buildings.

RJ Models aims to provide a seemingly realistic version of the real model.

The interior design provides a contemporary and lavish lifestyle to future residents.

RJ modelers selected and put internal upscale amenities of this 1:25 scale model in place following the client’s 3D architectural visualization drawings.

Since it presents abundant precise details about the project, client displayed it at a few real estate events after completion.

The interior model serves as a means of dialogue between the developer, potential investors, and housing buyers.

To make the transportation easier and protect it from human damage RJ’s model makers build a customized cover.

Modelers accomplished lightning effects using LED and natural sunlight to showcase the model.

3. Forum Club House Architectural Model in Mumbai 

  • Scale: 1: 40
  • Size: 2000mm x 1600mm x800mm
  • Production Time: 30 days

Presented here is the modern concept of designing clubhouse buildings, containing various recreational facilities.

This miniature model is a 1:40 scale replica of the luxury Forum Club House located in Mumbai.

Bringing the relaxing and pleasurable experience to customers, all in one place, was the ultimate goal behind this design.

The lush landscaping transmits a feeling of tranquility.

The majority of parts on this interior model were laser cut out of ABS and acrylic.

RJ’s professional model makers carefully crafted and fabricated the other decoration components, giving an outstanding appeal to the model.

What makes this model a perfect tool for fundraising is also the lift up function.

RJ modelers installed LED lights to highlight the visually impressing details and offer a better perspective.

They done publicly displaying the model easily, due to the manageable scale that allows taking it to various sales events.

The client was very satisfied with the final product as it exceeded their expectations.

3. India Tower Architectural Model

  • Scale: 1: 200
  • Size: 1800mm x 1600mm
  • Production Time: 30 days

India Tower is an outstanding symbol to celebrate Mumbai as the leading innovative and cultural hub of India.

Redefining the skyline of the metropolis, this office tower is a modern landmark as it will dominate the development landscape.

This dynamic new destination has high potential importance for the further development of the local economy and urbanization process.

Fabricating this office tower model was not an easy task for our model makers.

The entire enamel building facades required extremely careful glass-sheet pasting work to perfectly present the vigorous geometrical appearance.

RJ modelers also used high-performance acrylic to add extra resistance and reduce the overall weight of the two-meter tall model.

RJ Models created a pleasant and relaxed luxury atmosphere by adding some micro-light-emitting diodes to simulate the outlying structure lines.

Advanced modeling making techniques plus refined handcraft skills enabled our team to complete this model in only 4 weeks.

4. The Atmosphere Interior Model Making for, India

  • Scale: 1: 200
  • Size: 1800mm x 1600mm
  • Production Time: 30 days

Being the first residential sky sculpture in India, Atmosphere is a high-class grandeur residence build in Kolkata.

Our client selected one typical mock-up apartment and commissioned RJ Models to design the interior model to promote property sales.

Modelers put great effort in designing every interior element, to ensure that the model would match the client’s desire.

The potential residents can get a feel where they could enjoy only by looking at the model.

Marketing through this method has resulted in increased interest and more potential customers.

RJ’s team used CNC Router and laser cutting techniques, to engrave the majority parts of the interior model.

Furniture fittings and other decorations, providing the viewers with a thorough vision and allowing them to identify different room functions.

To showcase the sophistication and grace, modelers created lighting effects to bring attention to the spacious area and small details.

5. Mumbai Airport in India

  • Scale: 1: 500
  • Size: 2000mm x 1200mm
  • Production Time: 30 days

People labeled Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport Terminal 2 as a beautiful piece of art and a treasure of India.

SOM designed the airport model covers an area of 410,000 square meters.

Defying the industry’s stereotypical design of a city hub facility, the completed airport is a breakthrough in architecture.

RJ model makers used GFRG material to create the coffered roof with a 3D engraving machine.

GFRG is a type of reinforced fiberglass material that is naturally white and users can seamlessly piece together.

RJ Models use 3D software to draw the roof skylight windows before producing the airport model for India.

Using excellent skills and 3D printing technology makes it possible to accurately process the 3D model data.

LED lights were fitted to the interior of the model, lights scattered through the coffered roof of the airport model.

Using professional tools ensures a product meets both architect’s and quality control requirements while shortening production lifecycle to only one month.

RJ Models has created a truly remarkable masterpiece, worthy of being dubbed a palace for India.

6.Bangalore Airport Model by SOM

  • Scale: 1: 600
  • Size: 1750mm x 1500mm
  • Production Time: 30 days

Bangalore Kempegowda International Airport Terminal 2, used Garden City as a theme for their concept design.

SOM aims to design the airport as a natural extension to Bangalore’s greenish landscape.

The airport design has a glossy white appearance being stretched symmetrically in four directions.

Soft lighting is diffused from the base of the airport model onto the airplane parking bay.

The unique roof outline is beautifully lit, further enhancing the visually appealing structure details.

RJ’s architectural model makers as a professional model building company showed once again their professionalism and skillful experience.

Striving for utmost accuracy in the airport model building guarantees an authentic and remarkable 3D work of art.

Aiming for consistencies with the building specifications while being able to envision the real-life environment, allows their imagination to flourish.

Sculpting modern building shape required both traditional and high-tech techniques, RJ Models took only 30 days to complete.

This 1:600 scale airport model provides the designers relative freedom when it comes to the usage of model-making techniques.

Focusing on materials used and building form, without excess details, is enough to demonstrate the design concept effortlessly.

7. Club House Model Building in India

  • Scale: 1: 40
  • Size: 2300mm x 2300mm
  • Production Time: 40 days

This clubhouse was designed as a part of large master plan development in India to be a dominant community place.

RJ Models, as a famous model building company for many India clients, contracted to build this elegant 1:40 scale model.

Including a wide range of health and recreational facilities, the finished model acts as a promoting tool.

Modelers placed miniature 3D people and objects across this interior model, making it come alive.

RJ’s model makers added a lift function to the upper floor, exposing the interior design details from different angles.

According to the overall architectural design style, together with the traditional Indian architecture and modern design.

RJ's architectural model building teams focused on selecting furnishing and decorations for both the internal and external space of this model.

Model makers added impressive lighting effects to this interior model to further optimize the visual effects.

The client placed the finished product in sales office as it could provide the viewers with a 360° vision of the clubhouse.

8. Siddha Sky for Residential Model in India

  • Scale: 1: 200
  • Size: 1800mm x 1600mm
  • Production Time: 30 days

Siddha Sky was another new famous landmark in the city of Kolkata, India.

An exceptional skywalk on the rooftop linked with these three 340 feet high towers together.

Rising majestically above the landscape, these contemporary residential buildings were the city’s most attractive residences.

The primary design intention of this project was to provide the future residents with a modern and pleasant lifestyle.

To achieve excellent quality results, RJ Models fabricated this architectural model mainly from high-performance acrylic and laser cutting technology.

RJ Models replicated the comprehensive skywalk on the rooftop by adding various amenities like leisure pools and lush greens.

Illuminating the interior of the residential building model can bring a delightful sense of warmth and comfort to the viewers.

Ensuring that the order meets the high detail standard requested by the client.

Our architectural model makers in Kolkata spent approximately one month thoroughly crafting and building residential model elements.

The final product had a quite captivating effect when client put it on display during sales events and public exhibition.

9. Interior Culb House Model Making of Atmosphere in Kolkata

  • Scale: 1: 40
  • Size: 2300mm x 1000mm
  • Production Time: 30 days

RJ constructed Atmosphere Club House in Kolkata on top of the bridge that connects the two skyscrapers together on the rooftop.

Designing this sophisticated and futuristic looking model required great effort and persistence from our team of model makers in Kolkata.

Modelers sprayed the exoskeleton with silver paint to illustrate the metallic curved façade, fabricated it mainly from high-performance acrylic.

Our client in India believed that the more detailed the interior would be, the better it would communicate with the viewers.

So the final clubhouse model does an amazing job in showcasing the unique space for all sorts of recreational activities.

Including a range of amenities and accessories, this model serves as a means of promoting sales and attracting potential guests.

Such as swimming pools, outdoor sports facilities, cafeteria, pavilions, and party lawns.

This exceptional model serves as a means of promoting sales and attracting potential guests from all over the world.

Modelers installed magnificent lighting effects, to bring out the extremely precise details and light up the night sky.

Morphing together the fluidity of the metallic structure with the spaces on top, client used this bridge to hold events.

RJ's model makers put lots of effort into this project, to ship the final model to the client on time.


Up to now, RJ Models has completed a lot of remarkable models for the top architectural design companies for India.

Our model makers pay attention to the smallest details to ensure every model we produced is of the highest quality.

These models not only assisted Indian designers in developing their projects but also offers infinite points of view to viewers.


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