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Amazing Architectural Model (Modellbau Architektur) Making Projects in Germany by RJ Models

Introduction of RJ Models:

Germany architecture has an extensive and diversified history, a combination of its own and other European styles.

Having their own identity early-onset, Germany became the home of renowned forefathers of design and architecture and the Bauhaus School of Architecture.

With a remarkable architectural foundation, architectural scale model making is not a stranger in this country.

Like Germany modellbau architektur, RJ Models has evolved throughout the years, from a humble model-making workshop to becoming one of the forefronts of the industry.

RJ Models, having a broad range of experience and a clientele all over the world, makes it possible to offer quality service and a competitive price range in Germany.

With the professional architectural rendering team, technological advancement in communication, a comprehensive transfer of information about a project is no longer a problem.

RJ Modelers are well-trained and experienced architectural model making team, that is keen on maintaining high-quality, efficient service and strict observance of deadlines to ensure excellent results.

Stability, optimal functionality, structural perfection, and sustainability, are the focus of German architectural training, wherein RJ Models architectural scaled models and 3D architectural rendering exhibit in their finished product.

Commerz Bank HQ Office Modellbau Architektur

Scale: 1:200                                    Size:  400mm x400mm                            Production Time:  2 weeks

The well-known architectural design and engineering firm, Foster + Partners, commissioned the making of the Commerz Bank Head Quarters Office Model.

This building was designed to stand tall at 53 stories high and is known to be the first ecological building and the tallest in Europe.

RJ Models were able to construct, to the smallest detail, this building model for a short period of 2 weeks.

The modelers intricately made the office building model to show off the ecological design of the building, focusing on its ventilation and natural lighting.

The triangular plan of the building was properly shown, to highlight the uneven clusters of office floors, focusing on its environmental feature of bringing in the light and fresh air to the central atrium of the building.

RJ Models were able to present the distinctness of the building model that can easily make its mark in the Frankfurt skyline.

Furthermore, the scaled model showed the lower floors of the building that is inviting and unintimidating to its surrounding.

Mercedes-Benz Factory Model in Germany by Zaha Hadid

Scale: 1:200                                 Size: 400mm x 400mm                            Production Time: 2 weeks

Mercedes-Benz is a well-known brand in the car industry, that is stylish and elegant, and RJ Models had the pleasure to construct their Mercedes-Benz Factory architectural scale model designed by Zaha Hadid Architects.

The design model was constructed meticulously, on the scale of 1:200, which exhibits a different style for Mercedes-Benz without sacrificing the elegance of the brand.

The architectural industrial model clearly showed that the design deviated away from the traditional box-like shape of a building for factories.

The modelers were able to reveal the clean use of curve lines, no single corner or meeting of 2 points is visible in the design, making the model building distinct from another Mercedes-Benz Factory.

Another feature that makes the scaled model stylish and high- class was through the proper usage of silver bare aluminum color.

The modelers chose the right type of surface finish and tone play of silver, in the entirety of the building, taking into consideration that it will not clash with the glossiness of the Mercedes-Benz emblem.

Glancing at the whole model of the factory, it speaks of Mercedes-Benz’s identity and its continuous advancement of producing high-quality vehicles.

Yves Saint Laurent Shopping Mall Unit Modellbau Architektur

Scale: 1:100      Size: 400mm x 400mm      Production Time: 2weeks

Yves Saint Lauren is one of the world’s most notable fashion houses and known for its modern iconic style that empowers women.

This time, RJ Models was requested to make a 3D scaled model of their mall unit, featuring their cosmetics and fragrance line.

The modelers were able to recreate the brand’s concept of style in a 40cm x 40cm scale model.

The model's design used black in its walls accented with subtle gold lines highlight only the brands' logo, clad in a reflective gold mirrored surface, which symbolizes the elegance of the brand.

The striking feature of the store was the use of a shiny surfaced material which helps the light bounce making the whole area well lighted amidst its blackness.

Another feature that makes this model worthy of admiration are the minute details the modelers fabricated to realistically show the flow of movement that will take place in the space.


Benz Factory Modellbau Architektur in Germany

Scale: 1:150                               Size: 1800mm x 1800mm x 800mm                           Production Time: 30 days

The Mercedes-Benz German division had RJ Models to make a scaled factory model for their newly designed Benz Factory to be displayed at an airport shopping center.

The commissioned model showcases the ingenuity and impressiveness of the new Mercedes-Benz factory highlighting the production area where visitors are can view the assembly of each remarkable vehicle.

Meeting rooms and exhibition halls were also shown, in the factory model, to give an idea to onlookers the work operations within the factory.

The RJ Modelers placed a highly visible dark blue on white background “Mercedes-Benz” signage, on top of the entryway, rendering the model to be easily identifiable.

For a more realistic look, models of cars and figures were added; and LED lights were also placed to visually make the rooms look prominent, highlighting its different functions and to the layout of the factory while mimicking a night time scenario.

Lastly, looking at this 1.8meter industrial model, it does not only show the physical building of Mercedes-Benz, but it serves as an excellent artwork in the heart of the airport retailing area.

Conclusion: RJ Models will exceed your expectations

RJ Models is not a new face in the architectural model making (modellbau architektur ) scene in Europe.

The company had and still have the privilege to work for known architectural and design firms which paved the way for projects in this part of the world, especially in Germany.

These clients gave RJ Models the opportunity to showcase their work and draw a comparison with other local architectural model makers.

German architects and designers differ from their European counterpart, are known for being precise and focuses on function in design.

No matter the trait of the client, RJ Models is a customer-centered company.

The architectural scale model makers are always making sure that the clients are involved in the process to reach their goals and ensuring that the vision is one with the constructed model.

RJ Models’ offices are operating 24/7 to serve their clients in different regions and time zones so as not to disrupt the flow of communication.

Information is the key to have a competitive quote and to be able to adhere to the given timeline no matter how tight the deadline.

We also have a partner, 3DR Models to support our model making service in Middle East District for ensuring the quality of model making.

Having an experience of producing and servicing for 24 years shows the possibility of RJ Models to deliver high-quality customized models anywhere to our architectural design companies in the world.


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