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Amazing Architectural Model Making Projects in Canada by RJ Models

Introduction of RJ Models:

Every architectural designer’s closest realization of their design is depicted with an architectural model.

The best way to display their architectural prowess the miniaturized way is with none other than the top architectural model.

RJ Models prides itself as the leader in the architectural model making industry over 26 years.

It have no other vision than to provide you with the top-quality architectural models in Canada.

And they know better to create a more colorful setting by erecting buildings that will really pop out of the scene.

You never have to visualize how a certain design will turn out because you will see it like its reality.

As a world-class architectural model making company without limitations.

We will deliver on-point and intricately detailed projects to Canada crafted with your high rating approval in mind.

1. Residential Building Model in Canada

Scale: 1: 100        Size: 2500mm x 1500mm x 255mm        Production Time: 20 days

The Luna Apartments model in Canada presents an industrial style with classic lines and elements.

This building is not only residential but also offers spaces for retail establishments.

We defined the architectural model with its horizontal multi-level of contrasting patterns.

Comprised of three components equally laid with fine detail craftsmanship.

The brickwork finishing on the tallest is so fine as if it were real.

You will notice that each millimeter counts with each careful placement of vertical units on the middle structure’s façade.

This louver-liked detail caters to both design and functional elements.

It also houses the generous parking area below, creatively covered by the house on stilts concept.

The background realistically features a busy neighborhood vibe with people walking, cars parked.

Besides, on the streets, each having a set of headlights that glows, along with the well-maintained landscape of trees.

GIH London commissioned RJ Models to create this 1:100 scale miniature building model done in a matter of three weeks.

2. Holborn Little Mountain Residential Building Model in Canada

   Scale: 1: 100      Size: 1450mm x 450mm x 255mm      Production Time: 21 days

The Canadian urban scene is bustling with the addition of the Holborn Little Mountain Residential Building.

Firstly, a quick glance on this architectural scale model from our company.

It will give you the impression that it was a photo taken from the actual site.

This multi-story building has a dedicated car park and several spaces for establishments on the ground level.

It strikingly features geometric blocks in different tones of color and finishing material.

Tall glass windows adorn its entirety using frosted acrylic glass giving them a natural look.

The scale model not only displays the building design but also its relation to adjacent structures.

For examples, people strolling along, cars passing by and the fine array of foliage.

See the jaw-dropping characteristic of the glass-roofed trellis that shades the wooden benches along the walkway.

It took RJ Models' professional architectural model building team of model craftsmen just a month.

And RJ Models can finish this 1:100 scaled model project with the most accurate depiction in place.

3.WG Trump Tower Office Building Model in Canada

   Scale: 1: 100      Size: 1450mm x 450mm x 255mm      Production Time: 21 days

A household name in the US and perhaps the whole world, the Trump Group makes its way to Canada.

They have been in the upper-tier business industry for decades venturing in investment, sales and real estate worldwide.

RJ Models proudly represents them through the commissioning of this Trump tower model set in Vancouver.

Our architectural model maker in Canada with the same amount of prestige the world over able to deliver.

Awe-inspiring with its slightly twisted form, RJ Models created the tower model with exact specifications from top to bottom.

Its glass and steel construction captured realistically by our qualified architectural model makers in Canada exude a modern sleek appeal.

Not to mention the grand lobby characteristic of its upwardly curved oblique roofing carried by columns with umbrella-like supports.

Adding to the grandeur is lighting.

So arranged throughout the office building model, its tower gleaming like a beacon to the city.

Our clients at Trump Group received only the highest standards on this office building model by RJ Models.

4. Westbank-Joyce Model 1

   Scale: 1: 100      Size: 1450mm x 450mm x 255mm      Production Time: 21 days

An unpretentious, easy on the eye design that captivates with the creative S formation of colored glass on its facades.

Such is what the Westbank-Joyce office building highlights amid its somewhat monotonous form.

Accordingly, the leading model making company in Canada masterfully crafted it on a 1:350 scale model in just two weeks.

These vibrant colored balcony formations slanted in a graceful curve is featured on all four sides of the structure.

Through its modest appearance, exact specifications are adhered to.

Adding a touch of life are various landscaped areas.

The roof deck garden with pretty foliage and a multi-level lawn area are interesting to note.

Our architectural model makers in Canada completed the entourage with street traffic, as well as pedestrians mimicking routine activities.

However, the final look is in the works so the narrow podium below is presented on a white style mass.

Further design revisions are slated for the project and delegated RJ Models to build them this stylized representation.

5. Westbank-Joyce Model 2

   Scale: 1: 100      Size: 1450mm x 450mm x 255mm      Production Time: 21 days

As a professional architectural model maker in Canada, we do not pick an architectural model’s level of intricacy.

Because RJ Models aims to always satisfy the client’s request with every architectural model we make.

Some instances call for more than one model of a certain project to assess the best design option.

In this regard is another design option for the Westbank-Joyce office building in Canada with the same S concept.

Departing from the simplicity of the earlier model is this highly detailed and extraordinarily formed structure.

The staggered sequence of façade elements alternating with glass gives this building a phenomenal view.

Augmenting this feature is the lighting installation giving a more dramatic appeal.

Adding to the unique design is the expansive viewing deck with pools located on one side.

The extraordinary wall to ceiling effect was crafted meticulously; huge columns and tall floor to ceiling glass look realistic.

Artistic model makers from our company completed the presentation lining much of the perimeter with trees endemic in Canada.

Conclusion: RJ Models will exceed your expectations

Canada, as well as the rest of the world, can see why RJ Models is the leading architectural model maker there is.

We will cater to every design specification, any time, on any continent.

We can even have the finished product delivered at your doorstep, worldwide!

The criteria to supply world-class architectural models will be adhered to no matter how big or small the project may be.

We have a large facility of professional model makers who will ensure every project is delivered top-notch.

The best thing is architectural design companies get all these great qualities with the most competitive price.

Meanswhile, we can finish the model in the shortest production time.

Tight deadlines will not hinder our dedicated model specialists to produce the highest quality results right on time.

RJ Models is the model maker company of choice, trusted worldwide by top designers.

Also, we have a team that 3DR Models with developers and government institutions themselves.

We thrive without fail as the A1 architectural model building company in Canada and the rest of the world.


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