Scale model of vehicle engine for exhibition work by RJ Models

The vehicle engine model, at 0.7 meters high when assembled, was built for public demonstrations of the vechicle engine.

The level of detail goes right down to cylinder, spark plug, valves, pistons, piston rings for illumination.

We received a full set of CAD drawings, max files with different perspectives would make our job easy of accuracy.

The […]

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“Dubai Harbour” scheme model project, unveils Dubai’s new iconic development with Middle East’s biggest marina

December in 2016 was a busy month and some of the projects are still ongoing – here’s one we are very proud to finish the stunning scheme model “Dubai Harbour” project, with 8.5m x 5.7m in scale 1:350.

When we were commissioned to build the model in early December, it means we only have 1 […]

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Central Police Station, Hong Kong in 1:100 scale models

We were commissioned by the Hong Kong Jockey Club to produce this 1.7 meters long model. This 1:100 scale model was constructed on March, 2015.

Since the police station was built in 1864, there were no more drawings for us to use when planning production. We went to the Central Police Station (CPS) site […]

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