Shopping Mall Models

Shopping Mall Model

Shopping Mall Model aims to demonstrate design, accesses, layout, location, landscape and other aspects of a shopping mall.

The mall, usually being a part of a complex of offices and residential apartments, is the center of the whole piece of land.

To better serve developers’ needs of illustration, the shopping mall model provides a clear picture showing different areas with corresponding functions, such as shopping, food, entertainment and parking.

The surroundings of the mall, including residential zone, green belt, traffic condition and available facilities around the area, are also important factors to be added to reveal the commercial value of the shopping mall.

Shopping mall is increasingly becoming more than a place of consumption.

The architecture turns the building into a landmark, tourist attraction or lifestyle centre.

Excellent design can even motivates people to spend their spare time in and around the shopping mall.

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Suzhou Center Shopping Mall Model

  • Scale: 1: 150
  • Size: 2000mm x 800mm x 800mm
  • Production Time : 60 days

Suzhou Center Shopping Mall Model represents the innovative design of the remarkable project, which comprising three interconnected buildings – the shopping mall and two of the office towers. The unique design concept coupled with advanced construction techniques cast an impressive architectural icon by Suzhou’s West Jinji Lake.

Inspired by the local folklore about phoenix, the design team from award-winning architectural firm, Benoy, placed an undulating roof on the 7-story complex. Modelers from RJ Models employed 3D printing techonology to successfully create the monocoque glass canopy – “the wing of the future”.

Suzhou Center Shopping Mall also shows off its beauty during nights. On each floor of the shopping mall model, those installed LED lights are able to present the building with lighting effect. They illuminate the building and massive landscapes.

In addition to the exterior, the shopping mall model also discloses interior details. Individual floor can be elevated or descened as users need. Such mechanical operation allows people to look into specific aspects of the interior by freely folding or extending the model.

Brickell City Center Shopping Mall Model

  • Scale: 1: 100
  • Size: 4000mm x 3000mm x 1800mm
  • Production Time : 45 days

Brickell City Center Shopping Mall Model is aimed to illustrate the glamorous mixed-use development in the heart of Miami downtown. This mega-project will, upon completion, redefine locals’ urban lifestyles.

To insure satisfactory completion of the shopping mall model, 5 professional model makers from RJ Model were dispatched to Miami. The large-sized model was assembled by the modelers on site.

The shopping mall model captures the core design principles of the architectural program – tranquility and connectivity. These key values are intended to be introduced to potential users by the project’s developer, Swire Properties Inc.

Miami’s skyline is dominated by three high rises – two residential towers and an upmarket hotel with residences and two mid-rise office towers. Besides, the complex covers retail and entertainment space, which are also vividly presented by the shopping mall model.

The shopping mall model is installed with LED edge-lighting on each floor to add extra visual advantage. No matter in the daylight or during the night, the shopping mall is inprinted on the vibrant neibourhood as an architectural symbol that enriches peoples’ urban life.

Jumeirah Hills Shopping Mall Model

  • Scale: 1: 50
  • Size: 1600mm x 1200mm
  • Production Time : 30 days

Located in the waterfront city, the Jumeirah Hills Shopping Mall is an exceptional blend of the great nateure and modernization. RJ’s model-making team produced the Jumeirah Hills Shopping Mall Model, which carries and expresses all intended architectural qualities.

The shopping mall model is characterized by it’s relatively large scale of 1:50, which articulates a wide range of featured details. For prospects, such a clear representation is really illustrative and informative.

The delicately seclected model materials reflect the building’s dual-personalities – the sense of past and the future as well. Traditional elements such as the tram and phone booth are pinned against the whole stylish setting.

The most outstanding design feature of the Jumeirah Hills Shopping Mall is the mixture of property and transportation system. As the shopping mall model displays, the road plane is extended vertically to create another elevated public area, by which means, the space is functionally divided and host varied activities.

Shenzhen Bay Shopping Mall Model

  • Scale: 1:200
  • Size: 2000mm x 1800mm
  • Production Time : 30 days

Shenzhen Bay Shopping Mall Model is produced to display the latest landmark building in Shen Zhen.

The shopping mall model enables viewers to experience the building prior to its completion. The visual enjoyment also enhances investors’ confidence.

Designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox, this high-rising tapered building stretches up by nearly 400 meters, scraping the skyline of Shen Zhen.

Its impressive bamboo shoot shape is realized by utilizing a diagonal grid, which comprises 59 slender steel columns.

Such delicate structure requires exquisite craftsmanship. The shopping mall moodel makers devoted extra energy and patience to work out each intersection of the model’s exterior.

RJ Model’s sufficient cares to fine details allow for the complicated diagrid form to be presented on the shopping mall model.

The shopping mall model not only visualizes a structure of concrete and steel but also conveys a sense of aesthetics flowing out of architects’ minds.

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