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Amazing Architectural Model Making Projects in Kuwait by RJ Models

Introduction of RJ Models:

Located in the northeastern part of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia, Kuwait is rich in oil and gas resources. And due to the unique climatic conditions of the desert, the architectural style is distinguished from other countries.

Architects express their creativity in this affluent Middle Eastern. country. And because of the abundance of funds, they are less economically constrained. Thus,  people regard this place as the designer's paradise.

However, for the building’s unique shape and construction, high requirements and challenges are imposed on the model making in Kuwait.

Many traditional techniques and materials are not suitable for architectural making models in Kuwait.

RJ Models makers provide exquisite models for each project through laborious experimentation and research, as well as extensive production experiences.

Whether it's an urban planning exhibition, an architectural competition or a real estate sales event, every architectural designer is fully supported by RJ Models with its sophisticated architectural model building team in Kuwait.

1. Kuwait University Stadium Model in Kuwait

  • Scale: 1: 500
  • Size: 2000mm x 1850mm
  • Production Time: 45 days

Kuwait University is developing a brand-new campus on a 5.2 square kilometer tract of land. It calls for athletic facilities including a sports complex consisting of a 15,000 seat track-and-field and football Grand Stadium. And SOM is responsible for the design and construction.

The design team make the stadium with a thin shell concrete roof. And they designed the geometry catenary dome to optimize the use of material and span the entire arena.

The dome is further reinforced with a series of reinforced concrete ribs. It framed the openings and allow for higher point loads at desired locations.

The roof structure consists of a primary triangular steel arched truss spanning 200 meters and supporting the roofing system.

To accurately restore this uniquely designed roof, RJ Models uses CNC engraving and 3D printing to make each component.

And they assemble each piece carefully according to the drawings.

The function of this architectural is for sports and exercises. Thus, model makers add blue track and light and dark green professional football fields in the stadium model and creating a more realistic scenario.

Silver material is sprayed on the roof, which is full of geometric aesthetics, and convey a metallic feeling to viewers.

The architectural design company from SOM are quite satisfied with the entire architectural model in Kuwait.

That because it has fully illustrated their design concepts, especially the exquisite roof. So, it cannot help praising model makers’ excellent craftsmanship and abundant patience paid in this architectural model.

2. Kuwait International Petroleum Research Center

  • Scale: 1: 200
  • Size: 2000mm x 300mm
  • Production Time: 45 days

SOM has completed many significant projects in Kuwait, such as Al Hamara Firdous and Sabah Al-Salem Kuwait University. After that, it is delegated again for another important project, the Kuwait International Petroleum Research Center.

The petroleum research center is in the Gobi. To adapt to the local natural landscape, SOM hides the building underground, leaving only a flat round roof on the ground.

The typical research facility prototype is linear. To improve the generic prototype, the spine is wrapped into a circular loop. This creates a vibrant mixed-use area at the heart of the campus.

The center of the circle is dropped several meters to arrange the conference hall. The collaborative forum is surrounding the central hall with the discover hub covering it.

Next to the main campus is locating the Mosque. And these two parts are closely interconnected through lush vegetation and open space.

Architectural model makers add concentric annulus green landscapes to match the architecture’s fundamental shape in Kuwait.

RJ Models made the entire model from a sectional perspective. It not only clearly and intuitively illustrates the plans, elevations, profiles, perspectives, and main technical structure. Besides, it also vividly shows the unique character of the research center.

RJ Models installed strip white lights on each floor of the architectural model, creating a noble and high feeling for the viewers.

Meanwhile, RJ Models put numerous white and black scaled people in the hall and the second floor. Thus, viewers can have a sense of the spatial scale.

3. Boubyan Bank HQ Competition Model in Kuwait

  • Scale: 1: 100
  • Size: 800mm x 400mm
  • Production Time: 12 days

Boubyan Bank is the first Islamic bank to be established in the state of Kuwait. And it known for its provision of exclusive and unique banking services and products. The creativity and innovation have always been the cornerstone for Boubyan Bank.

HOK, one of the global design, architecture, and planning firms. And it is dedicated to delivering solutions that inspire clients and communities, participates in the competition to build the new headquarter for Boubyan in Kuwait.

Innovation and creativity are in the cultural genes of both Boubyan and HOK. Thus, designers design a beautiful high-rise building with a unique shape.

The designers overlay parabolic lines to shape the entrance of the building and the podium. This illustrated an elegant feeling in the front of the headquarter. The curtain wall surrounds the building and after certain angle rotating and bending. Thus, the viewers will find the plane of the building is heart-shaped when they look from top to bottom.

Architectural model makers use white PVC board, frosted acrylic plate and transparent glass sheet with texture to make the model. This created a pure and elite feeling.

The component consisting of those parabolic curves are carved out by CNC engraving machine first, then spliced one by one by hand, and finally use abrasive paper to polish the connection points. Thus, the final product can look like one piece.

RJ Models installed modest white lights in architectual model. This low-key lighting effect makes the original luxury building more elegant and noble.

4. Al Ahmadi Cultural Center in Kuwait by SOM

  • Scale: 1: 100
  • Size: 800mm x 400mm
  • Production Time: 12 days

The cultural center located south of Kuwait City in Mahboula.

It consists of two 800-seat theaters, a 400-seat concert hall, lecture hall, conference center, as well as galleries for the fine arts and historic cultural artifacts.

Its vision is to promote art, music, theater, and dance in Kuwait.

SOM makes a unique design to respond to the project’s program, climate, and site.

Kuwait is in the desert area, with extremely high average levels of solar radiation and temperatures.

Thus, innovative and site-specific facades and interior design are required.

The roof with a plurality of arches filters sunlight into the building to achieve optimal levels for the display of art and historical artifacts.

Meanwhile, this provided thermal mass to reduce cooling loads.

Model makers use 3D printing machine to make the tens of profiled arches and the spliced on the roof.

The building is strictly geometrically symmetrical.

Thus, the model makers separate the cultural center from the middle and create the model from the perspective of the section.

This showed both the facade and shape of the building and the interior structure and decoration of the center.

There are wooden decorative panels on the walls of the theaters and concert halls.

Correspondingly, the architectural model makers make thousands of scaled wooden seats to ensure the harmony of the overall atmosphere.

The model makers design unparalleled lighting for the model as usual and when the lights are on.

The light leak out from those arched skylights on the ceiling, which is particularly beautiful.

5. Climate and Culture to Islamic Architectural Model in Kuwait

  • Scale: 1: 200
  • Size: 2000mm x 1200mm
  • Production Time: 15 days

SOM’s high sensitivity to climate and culture and a tribute to Islamic architectural traditions are the keen reasons for its continued development in the Middle East.

The design of this research center combines two important features of traditional Islamic architecture, natural ventilation and inward orientation.

The circular plane is also a response to the traditional mosque.

Due to the strong sunshine and wind in the desert, the designers conceal the main body of the center underground.

And they leaved only a very gentle dome on the surface, connecting the main building with the surrounding buildings through lush green vegetation.

The engineers design hundreds of visors on the ceiling to filter the sunlight and achieve the optimum level of light required in the room.

Meanwhile, it reduced heat radiation to reduce the cooling load. This indirect natural light makes the courtyard and exhibition hall vibrant during the day, bringing the unique light-changing experience of the desert area.

Architectural model makers choose low-saturation materials for this model.

No matter the green landscapes and the ground materials are all in line with the characteristics of Kuwait.

The museum models are made with white PVC panels and transparent plexiglass, which highlights the elegance of the center.

RJ Models installed white lights inside the architectural model.

And on a dark background, white light emerges from the side corridors and the ceiling skylights, creating a spectacular scene.

Due to the design’s strong geometrical nature, our professional model makers standardized and prefabricate the various parts of the architectural model.

Thus, our logistic department staff can quickly stitch the model at the exhibition site.


In addition to these completed projects, RJ Models still has numerous ongoing projects in Kuwait with many well-known architects and firms.

These architectural and planning models provide a great complement to the architectural design companies''s work and competitions.

This allowed them to visualize their inspiration and ideas, and the viewers can intuitively understand the city and building in the future.

RJ Models provided scale model making services for the architects. Meanwhile, RJ Models has also gained a lot in these projects, both in terms of production skills and international recognition.

Although there have been mass projects and nearly 10 years of production experience in the Middle East.

RJ Models continues to improve its model-making technology and the whole process services.

And we are committed to providing more comprehensive and better model services with 3DR Models for the designers and companies in that region.


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