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Amazing Architectural Model Making Projects in Kazakhstan by RJ Models

Introduction of RJ Models:

In recent years, Kazakhstan’s architecture begins to bloom.

Several top architectural design companies such as Norman Foster, KPF, SOM reinvented the urban landscape of the country, notably in Astana and Almaty.

RJ Models, an experienced architectural model-making company, plays a huge role in these improvements.

Being able to provide high-quality scale models, we can show the architect’s plans with our models. We have the skill, the right methods and technology, and different modeling materials.

RJ Models can deliver high-quality architectural models, not only at the competitive costs but also a high production efficiency.

North Tower Commercial Model by Almaty in Kazakhstan

Scale: 1:150                                    Size:  700mm x500mm                            Production Time:  3 weeks

Known as the Almaty Twin Towers, the North Commercial Tower will be centered for attraction in Almaty, Kazakhstan’s financial capital.

The signature diagrid pattern by the popular Architect Norman Foster is housed in these semi-circular towers.

In addition, the similarly shaped pair of buildings are fronted with a glass facade and will feature roof gardens.

For the record, these towers will be one of the tallest in Kazakhstan.

They will be housed with offices, living spaces, as well as retail spaces.

RJ Models has created a model in 1:150 scale to portray the towers in high detail. In creating this, the architectural model makers made careful steps in creating complex details.

Also, the smooth glass-like finish adds needs extreme care when being made.

Besides, the smooth finish of the towers gives contrast to the landscape which includes grasses and trees.

The shiny and bright surface of the office building model also blends with the dark green landscape below.

Astana, Talan Towers 1-500

Scale: 1:500                                 Size: 600mm x 600mm                            Production Time: 3 weeks

At the capital of Kazakhstan is another addition to the Astana skyline. The Talan towers is another pair of skyscrapers that will be the home to Ritz Carlton hotel.

Also, there will be additional living spaces in this structure.

On the other hand, the building will be the first environmentally sustainable building complex in Kazakhstan.c

To show the features of the building complex, RJ Models uses various manufacturing processes to achieve the best color, texture, and details.

Besides, RJ Models uses different materials to make the office building model closest to the actual building.

Therefore, the architecture model shows the two towers placed at the corners of the complex. Moreover, the model shows the location of the spacious parking space for its tenants and customers.

The architects placed energy efficiency and environmental standards as the top priority.

Because of that, the structure is a good example to show sustainability as prime importance.

With the help of RJ Models, the model can help inspire others.

Kaza of city master plan model by AFD

Scale: 1:2000      Size: 1500mm x 1500mm      Production Time: 3 weeks

Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan, is the commercial and cultural center of the country.

For this reason, the city is known as a Beta-Global city. An urban plan is on the process, and its aim is to create a safer environment and improve living conditions.

To showcase the plan, RJ Models has created a 1:2000 scale of the city master plan model.

With large dimensions of 1500mm x 1500mm, the model can display how the city will be developed in the following years.

The master plan includes large scale developments: From structures, tourist sites, landscapes, traffic, and various lines and systems.

RJ Models has every technology to use in making the architectural scale model.

We have considered every detail of the master plan. RJ Models makes it sure that all the information is shown in the models we create, even with how challenging the project is.


Kazakhstan is moving into globalization in different aspects, including infrastructures.

With that, RJ Models, an architectural model maker in Kazakhstan, can help to create your scale models. We understand the ways of architecture globally.

Moreover, RJ Models is not a newcomer when it comes to international experience.

RJ Models has many deals and projects with clients all around the world. RJ Models is a globally recognized model making company.

We have provided as an architectural model building team and architectural rendering service for Hong Kong, New York, Abu Dhabi, Tokyo, Singapore, etc.

Also, we have worked with architects who have developed architectural wonders in Kazakhstan.

With the expertise of RJ Models in handling architectural scale models, you can rely on us.

There is no small or big task for us. We can deliver the best quality architectural model making at a competitive price at a fast production rate.


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