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Amazing Architectural Model Making Projects in Greece by RJ Models

Introduction of RJ Models:

It is known that the country of Greece is the origin of notable contributions in the world of architecture.

And many Greek architecture elements are still widely used until today, and serve as fundamental knowledge in the field.

At RJ Models, we deliver our skills and experience to bring Greek legacy in architecture an accurate representation into our models.

Not only with Ancient Greek architecture, but also the developing style at the present day.

Our architectural model maker in Greece with an experienced portfolio of architects around the world.

We provide quality modeling services, as we understand the architects’ needs in presenting your projects in the most fitting way.

Facade Model in Greece

Architectural model maker in Greece.

Scale: 1:30                                    Size:  650mm x 400mm                            Production Time:  2 weeks

Our architectural model maker in Greece was commissioned in creating a facade model for a residential project in Greece.

This model showcases the facade of four adjoining buildings that are planned to be constructed on a slope.

As indicated by the changing elevation of the structures.

This apartment building features a straightforward design, with large windows to permit natural lighting for the interior.

Architectural model maker in Greece.

The modeling team still pursued a detailed approach in this design, as seen with the textured walls and metallic window frames.

The materials for the window also provide transparency and luster, achieving a more realistic look.

The modelers also made sure to showcase that the project is designed on a sloping location, and executed it elegantly in this model.

Interior Model in Greece

Scale Model Maker in Greece.

Scale: 1:20                                 Size: 1550mm x 1000mm                            Production Time: 3 weeks

This interior model by RJ Models primarily uses neutral colors such as white and brown, and evident technique in traditional interior design.

This project based in Greece heavily utilizes the European traditional style, a coherent interior design where all details are unified as a single theme.

Scale Model Maker in Greece.

Aside from the neutral colors, this style heavily relies on symmetry.

So we can see most of the furniture and details, as they mostly come in pairs.

The architectural model makers can create the details in a unified fashion, that every detail matched the traditional style.


In our 26 years of experience, RJ Models has grown to be the trusted architectural model builders for architects worldwide.

So we provide services for architects around the world, even from big names and firms.

Our modeling team utilizes up-to-date technology in creating architectural models, along with sheer skill and talent in order to create a masterpiece.

It can inspire and convince their clients of the architects’ vision.

RJ Models can cover the changing needs of architects to bridge the gap between their ideas and a concrete representation.

That's why we are capable of bringing your project into a masterpiece at affordable costs and strict deadlines.



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