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Amazing Architectural Model Making Projects in Korea by RJ Models

Introduction of RJ Models:

Architectural models tell vivid stories so much better than any other kinds of presentations in Korea, especially in the realm of architectural design.

RJ Models has evolved over the last 23 years from a small-scale architectural model making the workshop to a world-class key-player company, which takes the leading position in the model making industry in Korea.

Ours headquarter in Shenzhen, and branch companies in Dubai and Istanbul combine expertise in architectural model making techniques than other model making companies in Korea.

With the deep and professional understanding of the contemporary design trends and demands in Korea, to produce bespoke scale models.

In order to make sure the final architectural model would completely meet clients’ request, RJ Models involved the clients in Korea in the entire model making process with photographic updated for approval and amendments all along the way.

RJ Models pick out the best-suited architectural model making materials and skills, depending on the nature and key characters of the design, time frame, as well as clients’ budget, to ensure a perfect display result.

And Korea’s local culture and distinctive architectural accent give RJ Models the chances to fully engage in the art of scale model making.

1. Office Building Model in Busan, South Korea

  • Scale: 1: 200
  • Size: 1500mm x 2000mm
  • Production Time: 30 days

This is an office building model in Busan, South Korea.

Busan located on the southeastern tip of South Korea, which is Korea's largest port and second largest city and one of the busiest ports in the world.

It has always been the link and bridge between an East Asian continent and marine culture.

The architectural model wasd designed by SOM, this Lotte office building has been modified to complement the existing “roof garden”, allowing customers to maximize the spectacular views of Busan Harbor.

When RJ Models made this architectural model, they put a lot of energy into the details more than other model making company in Korea.

The scale model making experts deliberately created a curved screen that can actually play the show and restore the scene in the future.

In addition to the overall production of the model, RJ Models also produced a 1:100 scale detailed roof model of the building, showing the structural aesthetics of the entire office building in Korea.

2. Longshan Tower Model is located in Longshan

  • Scale: 1: 300
  • Size: 600mm x 600mm x 1500mm
  • Production Time: 20 days

Longshan Tower is located in Longshan International Business District, Seoul, South Korea.

Longshan District is a concentrated area of electronics technology industry and a wealthy area in Seoul.

It is a landmark office building designed by SOM.

SOM is a world-class architectural firm that specializes in a super high-rise building.

Previously, SOM had cooperated with RJ many times in Dubai and Japan.

This office building model is another successful cooperation between them.

The outer curtain wall of this office building composed of the triangular, which makes the architectural model need to pay attention to the precise contrast of the angles. Any tiny mistake will ruin the whole model.

Model experts also install white LED lights in the building to show the building with light effect.

At the same time, there are two different directions of texture on the triangular curtain wall.

The modelers from RJ Models must also consider the exact same docking when they are made separately.

3. Incheon International Airport Model Terminal

  • Scale: 1: 1:1500
  • Size: 1200mm x 1200mm
  • Production Time: 30 days

Incheon International Airport Terminal 2 is going to become the main airport in Seoul, advanced sustainable development technology is used to create an efficient, healthy and comfortable environment for people.

The form of the terminal is inspired by the Asian phoenix; in South Korea, it is a mascot that symbolizes authority, longevity, strength, and balance.

The designers integrate a large number of local logos and graphics to echo Korean cultural traditions; for example, local granite and traditional wood are used for the airport floor.

In order to make this airport model perfect, the architectural model makers maintain close communication with the designers and obtain a large amount of detailed data and drawings from them, which lays a good foundation for the model making process.

Architectural model makers spray silver-gray metallic materials on the surface to express the metallic texture of the actual material.

The model is in 1:1500 scale and only in such a small scale can fully display the entire airport and the surrounding environment, while some details have to be omitted.

Despite this, architectural model makers still do their best to add rich scenes in the model, such as model airplanes and baggage carriers, to simulate the real scenarios of an airport in Korea.

In order to transport the model to the exhibition site unscathed, RJ Models uses its professional transportation team to deliver the architectural model.

4. School Model of Korean University

  • Scale: 1: 1:2000
  • Size: 3000mm x 2000mm
  • Production Time: 45 days

This is a geographical display model of a university town in Korea.

The high and low undulating terrain, numerous buildings and the pursuit of aesthetics have made model makers from RJ Models spend a lot of time on this architectural model.

Since the university town is located on a hilly landform, the terrain is undulating, and architectural model makers build this unique terrain by stacking thin wood plates.

For the staple buildings in the site, model makers truly restore the designers’ intentions and ideas, covering the white walls with black ceilings and engraving sufficient details on them; for those relatively less important buildings, frosted acrylic blocks are used to outline their shapes, and making a contrast.

Architectural model makers also add a number of scale trees to match local climatic conditions and natural environment in Korea.

This school model is going to be used in exhibition and show government officers and public the future planning and development of that region; through it, both local residents and college students, who are coming to study here, can intuitively understand the future life scene.

In order to ensure that the transportation of the architectural model, during the model making process, model makers have divided the model into several parts and mark the serial number in advance, so the RJ Models’ logistic team can assemble them on site after those scattered parts have been transported to Korea.

5. Doosan Lobby Interior Model

  • Scale: 1: 1:15
  • Size: 500mm x 300mm
  • Production Time: 7 days.

This interior model is for the lobby of Doosan Tower, also known as Doota.

Terry Farrell is responsible for the design of this lobby, who has garnered a strong reputation for contextual urban design schemes, as well as exuberant works of postmodernism such as the MI6 Building.

As the designer, architectural model makers choose pure and noble materials for the architecture and viewers can have the exalted feeling at the first glance.

Black marble is adopted for the display base of the lobbying model and reflects the rock-specific patterns under the dim light, echoing the lobby's white marble floor.

Reception desk locates in the center of the model, where is easier to form the focus of the sighting. So, model makers deliberately install several scale people at that place to mimic the checking in and conversation scene in real life.

It is worth mentioning that although the model is small in size and does not have too many curve elements, model makers still use CNC engraving machine to cut each tiny part to ensure that the edges of each piece are neat and sharp, matching the noble status.

For the floor slab, model makers use a thick dark gray PVC board to imitate the reinforced concrete slab in the real architecture in Korea.

6. Augustine Office Building Model

  • Scale: 1: 1:1:500
  • Size: 500mm x 500mm
  • Production Time: 15 days.

SOM is one of the world's largest architectural firms, with the main design type of high-rise commercial buildings, and also a pioneer in international style buildings and “glass box” skyscrapers.

SOM has designed many super high-rise skyscrapers in the world, including the John Hancock Center, Willis Tower, and the Burj Khalifa.

In this Korean project, SOM maintains its consistent style, drawing out the shape of the building with a straight line; even the podium’s irregular shape is made by geometric flipping.

Out of the usual white PVC board, model makers also use metal materials in the model and cover the surface of the tallest building with the hollow metal plate to illustrate the steel material façade in the design.

The usage of metal sheet greatly increases the realism of the architectural model, but due to the extremely high hardness of the material and the dense windows on the building surface, it is a big challenge for the engraving work.

Model makers choose a light green model tree for this model, which looks bright and lively, balancing the alienation and hardness brought by the steel façade.

In the past cooperations with SOM, RJ Models has never let them down, always providing the perfect model for their competition and display with its superb craftsmanship and high efficiency.

7. Hyundai Office Building Model

  • Scale: 1: 1:1:500
  • Size: 500mm x 500mm
  • Production Time: 15 days.

Hyundai Group is a consortium company that plays a pivotal role in the Korean economy, which business scope covers construction, automobiles, shipbuilding, and steel.

SOM, one of the world-leading architectural firms, is responsible for designing of Hyundai’s new industrial park.

The industrial park is strategically located close to Incheon Airport and Incheon Port and can be reached within 3 hours from Tokyo and Taipei.

There is a super high-rise building over 600 meters located in the central of the industrial park and surrounded by several low-rise buildings.

Model makers place the triangular prism-shaped supertall building in the center of the model, and the rest of the building is arranged on a circular base centered on it, according to the drawings.

CNC engraving machine is used to cut the facade of the buildings, which has better precision and cleanliness than manual cutting and costs less time.

For the other two relatively important low-rise buildings, the model makers put lawns on the roof of the building and carve Hyundai’s signs and slogans on the facade grille.

Model makers also install a large number of green scale trees in the park, contrasting with the white architectural model, conveying a pretty clean and modern feeling.

The rest of the surrounding buildings are illustrated by light grey blocks that contrast with the main white buildings.

8. Shopping Mall Model in Korea

  • Scale: 1: 200
  • Size: 250mm x 925mm
  • Production Time: 20 days.

This is an architectural model of a commercial building in South Korea that contains a shopping mall, an apartment building, and a three-story underground car park.

In the design process, the designer incorporated the subway connection into the design, so people can easily go from the commercial building to various parts of the city

Architectural model makers use a white PVC box as the base for the model and cut one side to show the audience the internal structure of the building; from this sectional perspective, the viewer can clearly see the system of the building, including floor slaps, trusses and etc., which are difficult to observe in daily life.

In order to render the real-life atmosphere, different colors of lights are installed in the commercial model, and not only light the interior of the architectural model, but also reveal different functional areas for customers.

The upper apartment building is an iron glass box building with Mies van der Rohe style, so the model makers choose high-transparency plexiglass as the façade material and cut the outermost layer façade with a CNC engraving machine to illustrate the modern style.

In addition, there are a large number of scaled people, cars, trees, and even two subways in the model to reproduce the shopping and traffic scenes in life.

9. Korea Office Building Model

  • Scale: 1:500
  • Size: 450mm x 370mm
  • Production Time: 20 days.

















Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP (SOM) is one of the world's largest and most influential architectural, interior design and urban planning firms; since its founding in 1936, they have completed thousands of projects all over the world.

Their reputation stems from the landmarks they create and the relentless pursuit of excellence in design, innovation, and sustainability; just because of this, SOM has cooperated with RJ Models form many times, on the condition that RJ also has a pursuit of perfection in architectural model making.

This is another high-rise official building that SOM designs in Korean and sustain its consistent modern style.

Model makers use plexiglass to make the main building and use unique forging techniques to carve and cut the glass surface and make it more like a real building.

The main buildings’ floor slaps and core tubes are made of white PVC sheets, as well as other relatively unimportant buildings within the site.

The architectural model is set on a gray pedestal and the road is outlined with white lines, creating correspondence and subtle contrast with the buildings.

In addition, in order to eliminate the feeling of dullness brought by large-area metal and glass materials, the modelers tend to use colors with higher saturation and brightness in the selection of scenes on this site, which perfectly balance the overall feeling.


So far, RJ Models has produced a good deal of precise and delicate scale models for clients in Korea to support their planning presentations, public consultations, government approval, and marketing.

These scale models that RJ Models created for Korea architectural companies make beautiful statement pieces for any innovative design concepts.

Years of experience in designing and manufacturing scale models empowering RJ Models to produce excellent scale models.

It does not only help the real estate developers in Korea to improve sales figures but also give the Korea design companies precious mementos of their hard work and achievements.


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