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Sport Yacht Model

Sport yacht’s main characteristics include: high performance, planing hull, single deck over the hull.

And the most important: sporty and captivating look.

Thanks to the different motorization and propulsion configurations.

RJ Models guarantee high performance in terms of maximum speed and navigation.

A good sport yacht is able to inspire your adventures and make the dream come to reality.

In addition, it is an opulent, captivating, magnificently appointed vessel that allow you to reach the destination in total comfort.

Sport yacht’s superior styling and abundant amenities require a high level of craftsmanship on each yacht model.

Thanks to our yacht model experts years of wholly hearted model making.

RJ Models not only good at architectural model making, but also the yacht models to you.

We produce consummate and ideal replica yacht models to everyone, even in short timelines, our quality will still the hightest.

Sport Yacht Model

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Cranchi Yacht Model

Sport Yacht Model—Cranchi Yacht Model

Scale: 1:30 | Size: 550mm x 250mm | Production Time: 15 days

Since 1870, Cranchi Yacht has kept “always growing” as their belief and improve every day for the last 150 years, the saga of Cranchi is an exciting journey of evolution.
This Cranchi sport yacht has a completely open cockpit and generous space of sun bathing.

This is the perfect example of how a sporty day cruiser can be both elegant and provide plenty of space for comfort.
Mounted on a silver mirror platform, every viewer can clearly see the bottom of the sport yacht.

This is consummate as the upper part, showing our model experts attention to each tiny detail.
The Cranchi yacht model is placing higher at the front and lower at the back in a slight degree, vividly mimicking this sport yacht sailing in the sea.

Absolute 40 STL Yacht - Absolute Yacht Spain

Sport Yacht Model — Absolute 40 STL Yacht —Absolute Yacht Spain

Scale: 1:30 | Size: 550mm x 250mm | Production Time: 15 days

As believed by the designer of Absolute, this 40 STL sport yacht is going to be “ONE YACHT for NEW EMOTIONS”.
The styling of 40 STL resembles a sedan cruiser with the enclosed hardtop sheared off, disclosing the helm station without hesitation.
Its cockpit is elevated higher above the waterline, and the open helm is surrounded by a raked rectangular windshield, rather than the normal wraparound.
The U-shape sofa, entering platform and cockpit have all been well protected by the enveloping gunwale; you can enjoy the speed and wind all your heart without concerning about the safety.
Even from the outside, the 40 STL seems only has one deck, but actually there is a separate full-beam cabin hided below the cockpit, it is equipped with wide double bed and spectacular windows just above the waterline.
Model experts from RJ Models use teak panels to lay the floor, precise restoring the design details and its sport spirit.

Supra (9)

Supra SA boat model

Scale: 1:30 | Size: 750mm x 250mm | Production Time: 15 days

Supra SA is a fueling water sports yacht with a luxury high-performance wakeboard boat line defined by bold designs and interior refinement.
From the Supra SA yacht model, you can find its unique and innovative dashboard -- Vision Control System, which takes driver experience to a higher level with one-touch access to every boat control.
There are three screens combine to create a sleek design that delivers intuitive navigation for any boat rider.
The whole Supra SA boat is painted with bold and bright green and black, showing its sports gene, and our model experts precisely reproduce that.
Our maritime model making team also cleverly placed the entire yacht model on a yacht trailer model, as if it were heading towards the beach.

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