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Cruise ships are large passenger ships used mainly for vacationing.
It usually contains abundant functions, including casinos, fitness center, buffet restaurant, infirmary, and outdoor swimming pool. The goal is to fulfilling distinguish needs from passengers.
Unlike ocean liners, which are used for transport, cruise typically embarks on round-trip voyages to various ports-of-call. In there, passengers may go on tours known as "shore excursions."
The size of a cruise ship can reach up to 360 meters long and 50 meters wide. Usually, the deck floors can contain thousands of passengers. Because of the cruise ship’s complicated functions and numerous cabins, the maritime model making usually last over weeks, even months. Even cruise ship model making is time consuming and energy devoting, our model experts can always meet your unique requirements.

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AIDAnova Cruise 1-150-4 (5)

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1. AID Anova Cruise 1-150-4

AIDA nova Cruise Ship Model

Scale: 1:500 | Size: 1200mm x 750mm | Production Time: 21 days

The AIDA nova is one of the largest and cleanest cruise ships ever built in Germany.
It is also the world’s first-ever ocean liner with an LNG drive system. It fully prevents the release of particulate matter and sulfur oxides, significantly reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide.
Meyer Werft shipyard in Papen burg produced the AIDA nova, it was first put in service in 2018. Before that, it takes Meyer’s nearly ten years to develop this impressive vessel.
Model makers from RJ Models paint the hull exact as the cruise extraordinary artwork. And they drew its iconic smiling red lips on its front.
Even on a scale of 1:500, the cruise model still has a length over half a meter. The model attracted every customer’s attention by its spectacular and conspicuous somatotype when displayed indoors.
Our seasoned ship model makers install lights in the cruise vessel. It could lighting AIDA nova’s nearly two thousand cabins allocated on the 20 decks and its generous entertainment facilities.

2.Cruise Hotel Abu Dhabi RSD 1-250

Cruise Hotel Model in Abu Dhabi by RSD

Scale: 1:250 | Size: 900mm x 250mm | Production Time: 18 days

People placed this RSD Cruise ship model in a 1: 250 super-large master city model rather than mounted on a delicate display board. This unlike other independent and isolate cruise models.
Our experienced model makers create the water part of the city model with resin and blue paint.    And they dock the cruise ship on the shore, and connect it with a futuristic transparent cylindrical orange pipe.
At the pier, there docked several small yacht models, whose tiny size furthered the gigantic of the cruise ship.
In addition, model experts from RJ Models also install blue and white LED lights for the cabins, balconies and hull. This make the entire cruise model sumptuous and grandeur.
RJ Models’ destination is to help our client achieve their goals. No matter you are aiming to have a masterpiece which can be displayed in the house, or transcend competitors and tie up the market. RJ Models will always be there for providing customized services.

3. Costa Group Ship 1-500

Costa Venezia Ship Model

Scale: 1:500 | Size: 1200mm x 500mm | Production Time: 21 days

A division of world-renowned Carnival Corporation - Costa Cruises operated Costa Venezia. Costa Venezia is a Vista-class cruise ship.
This Costa Venezia is designed especially for China market, therefore it is first debuted in Shanghai in the middle of 2019.
It is noted for its “Italian” ambiance and spirits. And the 14 decks of this gigantic cruise vessel can served over 5,000 passengers.
From the Venezia model, you can find that a midship pool with retractable glass cover featured on the main deck. And yellow lifeboats are overhang the ship to provide more space for the promenade deck.

Our yacht model experts employ realistic model materials to produce lifeboats, portholes, antennas, symbolic chimney and various entertainment facilities (waterslides, rock climbing walls and splash pools).
Mounted on a mahogany display baseboard, highlighting the nobility and durability of this over half-a meter vessel model.

4. Cruise RSD

Cruise Ship Model RSD

Scale: 1:100 | Size: 1000mm x 450mm | Production Time: 21 days

This cruise model is produced in an astonishing 1: 100 scale. This is not common in marine models because it usually means more attention must be paid to details. It is a great challenge for the handicraft of model makers.
Model makers from RJ Models use polished silver-gray parts with the metallic sheen to mold the accessories at its high-cain spoon bow. Such as the capstan, cleats, or bollards. Then, they use undertint teak strips to pave the deck and white fiberglass to make the hull.
Apart from that, for marine radars and other electronic facilities installed on the top of the cruise, we use the same white materials consistent with the hull of the ship.
In our yacht model, you will never see any seams or rough accessories. Because our model experts take every model in their hands conscientiously and strive to create flawless works good enough for display and appreciation.

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