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Amazing Architectural Model Making Projects in Amman, Jordan by RJ Models

Introduction of RJ Models:

Architectural scale models are the best representation to bring a two-dimensional drawing into a more tangible form.

Aside from this, they give a general visual sense of a structure in relation to its surroundings and future planning.

This is why RJ Models, the model making company in Jordan is unsurpassed in delivering high-quality 3D replicas.

Individual project requirements are set up with their own brand of solutions guaranteeing exact model specifications.

RJ Models set up individual project requirements with their own brand of solutions guaranteeing exact model specifications.

In fact, any other location across the globe can rely on our worldwide installations with 24/7 services.

State-of-the-art model-making techniques in our major factories worldwide employ only the most competent and sure-handed employees.

As a result, a high-grade architectural model with complete services at an affordable rate is synonymous with RJ Models.

Jordan as one of the growing industrializing nations needs exactly what our professional model making an offer.

Rubicon Aqaba Master Plan Model in Jordan

Scale: 1:1500                                    Size:  2000mm x 2350mm                            Production Time:  3 weeks

RJ Models is no stranger to some of the largest model making projects around.

One testament is this 1:1500 scale Rubicon master plan model in Aqaba, Jordan that our company delivered in thirty days.

The Rubicon is an expanse of 184-acre land set to become a themed entertainment destination for Jordanians and tourists alike.

People considered it a significant milestone in pursuing tourism growth in the country consisting of hotels, theatres and the like.

The overall appeal is a mixture of Jordan’s culture and heritage complementing the environment with its remarkable charm.

Experienced architectural scale model makers from our model making company in Jordan tailored it according to the exact specifications.

One look will mesmerize you with a realistic site master plan scene which rugged terrain of desert mountains surrounding it.

To add a refreshing appeal to the grey monochrome is the well-defined landscaping, as well as a water feature.

The development promotes sustainable architecture as a master planning model for green energy which RJ Models support for the future.

Water Sewage Industrial Model in Jordan

Scale: 1:100                                 Size: 2800mm x 2800mm                            Production Time: 3 weeks

High demand for clean potable water in the desert climate brought the conception of this important facility in the country.

RJ Models, a leader in the exceptionally detailed architectural industrial model making choose to create what they do best.

The client commissioned us to build an industrial model aimed to comprehensively feature the structures of a water sewage plant.

The visual demonstration of various wastewater treatment facilities fabricated on a grass-like landscape.

Our model making company in Jordan made sure to onboard wastewater treatment design architects and specialists in the process.

In line with this are our skilled model makers who only use quality materials and advanced techniques for optimum results.

Specific areas of the 2.8 x 2.8-meter model include dedicated sewage decomposing and water purification treatment units.

They chose a larger scale of 1:100 so finer details of the treatment processes would be easily identifiable.

Consequently, modelers established an impressively on point water sewage industrial model which will easily be comprehensible to viewers.


Our model projects nevertheless prove that our model-making company in Jordan goes as extensive as any project can get.

RJ Models would not have emerged as a top-of-the-industry model-making company for more than twenty years.

It is our untiring commitment to provide clients with a professional package however small or big their requirements.

The architectural model makers team in Jordan with 3DR Models consists of some of the most experienced in the field.

They apply strict quality measures from the planning, architectural rendering to the implementation to ensure the highest quality standards are met.

Every scale model and 3D architectural visualization that comes out of our workshop resulted in satisfaction from our worldwide clients.

Aside from round-the-clock service, we even offer global shipping to your doorstep for your utmost convenience.

All these in one complete package minus the huge amount. Because our pricing is incredibly competitive across the market.

Thus, this is how RJ Models thrive with over 9999 3D architectural model building experience and counting for our architectural design companies.


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