Office Building Model

Office Building Model

Office building models have been widely appreciated by clients, especially for its effective visual impact. Once complete, they accentuate the designs of the building and thus often attract more business opportunities.

Keeping it simple for certain minor details, office building models always emphasize on displaying the office space, surrounding environment and other functional properties of the building and thus presenting an efficient, eco-friendly and well-structured space.

Besides design, sales and marketing purposes, office building models are also widely used by companies as statement centerpieces in the lobby of their headquarter office buildings. These models are usually taller than men height and often create strong eye-catching visual impacts.

With the passion and ambition to always excel, RJ Models has been undertaking office building and landmark architecture model making projects in all regions. Many globally-recognized office building models were created by RJ Models.

Office buildings are becoming more and more integrated nowadays. Thus the usual scale of an office building model is set to 1:150.

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Swiss Re Tower Office Building Model

  • Scale: 1: 100
  • Size: 500mm x 500mm x 1500mm
  • Production Time : 30 days

The Swiss Re Tower Office Building model was created in the request by the world-renowned Designer Foster + Partners. It has a bullet-like outer shape with different diameters on each level. The maximum diameter of the building is only 2 meters shorter than its total height, making its look lively and effortless.

Not only the outer shape of the building needs to be recreated, how the concept of using of multi-layered glass is presented has also become a challenge to the modelers. They then assembled each glass fragment one by one separately with absolute precision and accuracy only to ensure the quality and standard of craftsmanship.

Tecent Office Building Model

  • Scale: 1: 150
  • Size: 2000mm x 2000mm x 1300mm
  • Production Time : 20 days

The new IT landmark, the Tecent Building of Binhai is designed by the renowned design and architecture firm NBBJ. Located in Shenzhen China, the Tecent building of Binhai has been referred by people “the Interconnection Building”. For it not only has connecting passages between the north and the south Towers but also incorporates various Internet and IoT( Internet of Things) technologies within the buildings.

Tencent Building of Binhai has incorporated an uneven 3D geometric shape design on its external walls and a horizontal saw tooth structure on the glass curtains. This has become the biggest challenge when it comes to model-making. The multi-angle solar-shading high-end design becomes the size of a Tic Tac after the size being reduced by 150 times. It requires absolute dedication and exquisite craftsmanship as the modelers need to glue and seal every panel by hand.

RJ Models soon mobilized a team of 20 modelers. With non-stop brainstorming and discussions on the design plans as well as the rigorous tasks allocation and teamwork, the team delivered the final model within a short time frame of 20 days.

30 Hudson Yard Office Space Model

  • Scale: 1: 100
  • Size: 1050mm x 1350mm
  • Production Time : 30 days

Located in lower Manhattan New York City, the redevelopment project of Hudson Yards exceeded 160m2 in scale and 20 billion dollars in total cost. It is a mega-city junction with office buildings, high-end shopping malls, residential buildings, parks and other entertainment facilities. It has become the biggest real estate project ever in U.S. history.

Most of the buildings in Husdon Yards are designed by numerous world-renowned architects like Foster+Partners, KPF, SOM, Gensle, Heathwick and many others.

During the process of model-making, various materials were tested and used to portray the metallic texture of the building’s outer shells. Modelers even created the underground transportation facilities and subway lines. The art center designed by Norman Foster and the square space was also made into mobile parts which can be taken out separately to display other properties.

China Resources (Holdings) Co.Ltd Headquarter Office Building

  • Scale: 1: 100
  • Size: 450mm x 500mm x 400mm
  • Production Time : 20 days

China Resources Building was designed by the skyscraper expert, KPF. Its outer shape resembles the shape of a bamboo sprout breaking through from the ground in Springtime. It has a total height of 392.5 meters, making it the highest building along the coastline of Shenzhen.

To mimic the structure of a sprouting bamboo, the China Resources Building has incorporated an oblique grid structure design. In order to maintain the quality and high standard of craftsmanship, during the construction of the model, each piece was assembled with precision and each seam sealed with patience so as to convey the artistic concept of the building and create a strong visual impact.

Ping An Finance Center Office Building Model

  • Scale: 1: 100
  • Size: 1000mm x 1200mm x 800mm
  • Production Time : 25 days

Ping An Finance Center Office Building has a total height of 600 meters, making it the second tallest office building in the world.

It has drawn global attention for its height and minimalist avant-garde streamline design. RJ models had the honor to collaborate with famous architect David Malott from KPF on Ping An Finance Center Office Building Model Project.

Shortly, a team of 12 senior modelers was formed. With thorough study and research, they completed the final Ping An Finance Center Office Building Model within just 25 days.

ShangHai DaZhongLi Office Building Model

  • Scale: 1:250
  • Size: 2000mm x 1500mm
  • Production Time : 4 weeks

Located in the Jinan district in Shanghai and jointly developed by HKR International and Swire Properties, the Dazhongli project comprises two Super Grade-A office buildings, a prime shopping center, three luxury boutique hotels and serviced apartments, and our professional team flawlessly completed the office building model of this project in only 4 weeks.

After had communicated with the clients repeatedly, RJ Models decided to highlight the commercial centre on the office building model by adding advertising screens, figures and shops along the streets to created a sense of commercial.

By adding a variety of miniature plants, along with the lighting effects, model makers simulated the landscape design to give the viewers an artistic aesthetic feeling of the block.

RJ Models’ team successfully accomplished this high-detailed office building model with the help of elegant crafting and high-technology such as laser engraving.

Artech China Steel Tower Building Model

  • Scale: 1:100
  • Size: 1300mm x 1300mm
  • Production Time : 4 weeks

Commissioned by Artech Architects, we completed this office building model to represent the China Steel Corporation’s future headquarters which will become a new landmark in Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan as it will distinguish itself from the urban skyline.

The architectural design of this office tower was based on a four-footed bronze ware from the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, and to display the characteristics and style of the building design, this office tower model was carefully crafted in stainless steel and high-quality glazing to feature a steady and tenacious impression, as well as to emphasize the strength of the steel.

Our architectural model makers made diamond-shaped gleaming black structure of the office tower building, and sprayed the building framework by ABS material to create a metallic texture.

The surrounding landscape was presented by monochrome white miniature to provide a sense of comfortable working and living environment, and to highlight the office building model by means of both chromatics and materials.

Atrium Tower City Model

  • Scale: 1:150
  • Size: 3000mm x 5300mm
  • Production Time : 8 weeks

This 5.3-meter high office tower model was manufactured to showcase the golden mental structure with a touch of blue rooftops, and it was one of the most challenging architectural model projects of RJ Models.

In the production of this office building model, we used aluminum alloy inner-core structures, together with skeletal aluminum frame, to ensure the plinth can well support this 400kg office tower model.

Another time consuming and difficult part during the office tower model fabrication process was attaching three ‘triangular ceilings’ to the exterior of tower buildings, and the finished masterpiece proved that it was well worth 8-weeks hard work of our great architectural model making team.

This office tower model was displayed for public viewing to provide a better understanding of the ambitious design, and it is also an ideal strong suit to attract future investors.

Bahrain Tower Building Model

  • Scale: 1:300
  • Size: 800mm x 600mm
  • Production Time : 4 weeks

Designed by Atkins architectural company, the Bahrain World Trade Center office building model includes three miniature sky bridges with each holding a wind turbine, two towers and a podium building connecting them.

Bahrain Tower was designed to be the world’s first skyscraper with integrated wind turbines, and our client requested this conceptual office building model to discuss the architectural design of the building and appropriate locations for placing wind turbines.

After several rounds of discussion, RJ Models decided to use transparent, translucent acrylic and white cardboard to make this monochromatic office building model to better showcase the creative and unprecedented office building design. (The tower buildings were shaped like a funnel and was split into two halves)

With a responsibility to complete this office building tower to the standard Atkins would have expected, architectural model makers used computer laser carving machine cutting function and other advanced technologies, and the completed office building model perfectly represented the project’s temperament and the building structure.

Jurong West Gate Office Building Model

  • Scale: 1:200
  • Size: 1600mm x 1600mm
  • Production Time : 6 weeks

Developed by Singapore CapitaLand, Westgate Tower project was a mixed-use development situated within the Jurong Gateway, and our architectural model makers completed this office building model to provide a vivid illustration of the design scheme which has an emphasis on the function of commercial to the public.

This office building model features a 20-level prime office tower and its adjacent 7-storey mixed use podium building, and 1:200 scale was an ideal scale option to allow the visitors to view the internal structure, and therefore to attract new entering shops and retailers.

In order to create a lively and impressive representation of the design, we added lifting function which controlled by iPad on a WIFI network to the office building model, so that the views can have a glimpse of the whole building inside and out, and the podium building was presented by warm lighting scheme and it can be parted in the middle to show the detailed interior furnishings.

It took our architectural model makers 6 weeks to accomplish the office building model for this integrated retail and office mall and tower, and now it is one of the signature attractions in the west of Singapore.

Damac Aykon Office Building Model

  • Scale: 1:250
  • Size: 1000mm x 1500mm
  • Production Time : 4 weeks

This office building model was fabricated based on a 6 tower luxury construction project which destined to become a new architectural icon at Aykon City.

The development incorporated an apartment tower, 80-storey all-suites Aykon Hotel, a 63-storey Damac Maison Serviced Hotel Residences, a 60-storey apartment tower, a 65-storey office tower building, and two 30-story ultra-luxury residential towers to suit both active and luxurious lifestyles.

RJ Models simulated a wide array amenities and beautifully arranged landscape in this office building model to mimic a epitome of luxury living and a tranquil environment, and our architectural model makers also added several miniature billboards to the podium building facade to create a true-to-life business and commercial atmosphere.

The office building model was in full detail by equipping with a variety of feature lights, and for the surrounding area, a certain number of high-performance street effect lights were installed on both sides of the street to simulate the real night scene of the streets.

Our model making experts spent 4 weeks to finish this office building model and it is an ideal architecturally stylized representation of the unique and memorable design.

Elaf Bank Bahrain Office Building Model

  • Scale: 1:150
  • Size: 850mm x 900mm
  • Production Time : 4 weeks

After given a full consideration of the characteristics of the surroundings and to integrate the complex into the future development of Bahrain, SOM designed the Elaf Bank Office building boldly, and RJ Models were honored to be commissioned to make this office building model to help them to discover and to prepare further design.

The innovative building form gives the Elaf Bank Headquarter a significant presence and brings the environment a dynamic atmosphere, and RJ Models used high-performance building facade lightings to truly reflect the office feel and the warm life sense.

Along with the street effect lights, the office tower model was surrounded by a number of miniature tall and straight palm plants to bring the viewers an impressive visual experience.

The fabrication of this unique and contemporary office building model took us a total of 4 weeks to accomplish, and our client was completely satisfied with this end work.

India Tower Architectural Model

  • Scale: 1:200
  • Size: 2000mm x 1500mm
  • Production Time : 4 weeks

The India Tower was designed to be an architectural symbol to celebrate Mumbai as the leading commercial and cultural hub of India, and this office tower was also considered to be a new landmark as it will dominate and redefine the skyline of this metropolis.

What made the fabrication of this office tower model so difficult was that the entirely glazing building facades required extremely careful glass-sheet pasting work to perfectly present the dynamic geometry architectural appearance.

The India Tower was designed to be a dynamic new destination which features residence, entertaining and high-end shopping to attract local and international travelers and investors, RJ Models created a comfortable and low-key luxury atmosphere by adding some micro-light-emitting diodes along the roads to simulate the peripheral roads

With the help of advanced modeling making techniques, plus refined handicraft skills, it only took our architectural model making team 4 weeks to finish this stunning glass and steel office tower model.

Yongsan Tower Building Model

  • Scale: 1:300
  • Size: 1200mm x 1500mm
  • Production Time : 4 weeks

Located in Seoul’s Yongsan district and designed by SOM, the Yongsan Tower has a unique diamond-shaped configuration, and our architectural model making team accomplished the office building model of this striking iconic tower in 4 weeks.

In order to create a remarkable exterior view of the Yongsan Tower, we used gray-painted ABS material and Plexiglas to make this office building model, and it was seasoned with simple miniature vegetation elements to bring a sense of graceful and pleasant living and working environment.

This office tower model is mainly monochrome, and RJ Models installed white unidirectional beam which emitted from the bottom of the building model to further highlight the majestic building structure.

The Yongsan Tower was planned to be an attractive blend of office and residence space, as a perfect description, the final office tower model seems quite appealing to the viewers and investors.

ZhongHong Tower Model

  • Scale: 1:300
  • Size: 2000mm x 1500mm
  • Production Time : 4 weeks

Located in the eastward expansion of the Central Business District, the 180-meter high ZhongHong Tower was considered to be one of Beijing’s landmark buildings, as well as the headquarter of Zhonghong Holdings Group, and as the designer of this iconic tower, the world’s top architectural design firm-SOM, commissioned our company to fabricate the office building model of it.

Our architectural model making experts used repeatedly sprayed stainless steel strips (MDF) to build the frame of this office building model, together with windows made of translucent Plexiglas to represent the structure of the building, and without windows and detailed facades, other buildings surrounded were all pained grey to set off the distinctive building design.

In order to present the sky grey building glass curtain walls, RJ Models installed low-brightness light-emitting diodes with lifelike luminosity inside the office building model to get a true-to-life office feel

It took our architectural model making team 4 weeks to complete this office tower model to showcase SOM’s bold and unprecedented design

Maltepe Place Office Building Model

  • Scale: 1:200
  • Size: 1800mm x 1400mm
  • Production Time : 4 weeks

Situated in Maltepe district in Istanbul, this mixed-use project comprises two main office buildings, a podium building and an atrium space with central gardens, water features, playgrounds and other amenities.

As the development intention of Maltepe Place construction project was turning this block into a new signature complex which embraces both the leisure and office space, RJ Models elaborately crafted the center landscape leisure area in the centre of the office building model with a range of ornaments and outdoor recreational furnishings like leisure chair and sun umbrella.

RJ Models decided to build this office building model with a scale of 1:200, which is a perfect scale option for depicting the design of block and comprising enough details requested by the client.

The final office building model helps to bring the viewers a colorful leisure working experience, and it is also an ideal tool to reveal the iconic status of this project.

Hearst Tower Building Model

  • Scale: 1:150
  • Size: 600mm x 465mm
  • Production Time : 4 weeks

Designed by Foster and Partners, the Hearst Tower is an interesting combination of a six-story cast stone podium with a new glass and steel office tower sits on top of it, and this office tower model is a perfect replica to showcase the diagrid facade consisted of triangulated steel frame.

Our architectural model making team incorporated almost every detail of the old office building according to the historical information, especially the carved walls, pillars, sculpture and painting on the facade of the old podium building.

In the fabrication of 46-story glass and steel office building, we selected repeatedly painted stainless steel and high performance glass sheet to duplicate the diagrid cladding and glass curtain wall system.

Surprisingly, our architectural model making experts only spent approximately 4 weeks to complete the office building model of this world headquarters of the entire Hearst Corporation, and this building become the first Manhattan office block to be awarded both Gold and Platinum certifications under the US Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) programme.

The Metropolis HongKong Office Building Model

  • Scale: 1:500
  • Size: 1800mm x 1500mm
  • Production Time : 4 weeks

Developed by Cheung Kong Holdings Limited and the Kowloon Canton Railway Corporation, the Metropolis is a mixed-use project which features the functions of office, residence, hotel, retail and entertainments, and all these components were perfectly incorporated in this office building models.

As an established landmark, this complex includes a 15-storey Grade-A office building, a 12-storey Hotel, two 18-storey residential buildings and a 3-level shopping mall.

This office building model has varying effects with some windows showing the transparency through the translucent acrylic and lighting inside while others are completely blacked out, and for the podium building, RJ Models chosen different color of lighting according to the different functionalities.

With a high level of detail, this office building model is incredible informative and impressive and it is an eye-catching presentation tool to attract leisure and business visitors and potential investors.

Ziraat Bank Building Model

  • Scale: 1:500
  • Size: 1000mm x 1800mm
  • Production Time : 4 weeks

The Ziraat Bank was a pair of 40 and 46 floor office towers designed by KPF, and it will serve as the new headquarters for Ziraat Bank of Turkey,

After referred to the symbols and geometrical patterns of the Ottoman Empire, our architectural model making team successfully replicated the architectural appearance as well as accentuated the geometry of the office buildings.

The twin distinct office building models are mainly monochrome and were connected by a central atrium which was designed as a plinth for the twin office towers, and the facade of the podium building has a reflective metal surface which was carefully carved by our model making experts.

RJ Models installed white and low-voltage light bulbs inside the twin office buildings, together with translucent Plexiglas plates to showcase the office life and corporate movement that happens inside the building.

Architectural model makers completed this office tower model in 4 weeks and the end product perfectly reveals the silhouette of the building structure with reasonable level of detail

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